Roger Waters asks his fans to “Get This Out There” Can YOU help? Roger in Mexico City Oct 1-16 Tribute to Donald Trump… PIGS sounds right Eh?


First of all Lemme say this, I am a Pink Floyd Fa-Na-Tic (please say with French accent). I was at two of the 5 (as I reacall, wern’t there 5?) LA Sports Area Dark Side of the Moon shows where the LAPD ran riot, and those events were featured in the WALL! Fast Forward: Roger Waters shared this recently to some Facebook friends (Yea REALLY) and ASKED THEM to “Get it out there”! Then one of HIS friends who is MY friend PMed it to me! Pretty Cool Eh?

People this is one of Rogers BEST! The quality and editing on this work is, to me, a masterpiece that makes a statement that is NOT to be missed! Watch and watch again and Get it ALL OVER BECAUSE THE RESISTANCE STARTS TODAY! AND YOU ARE THE RESISTANCE! Damn Right!- Larry Alger Publisher Justice News

The Big Pig as portrayed by Donald Trump¬† as cast by Roger…..

Porky Quotes from the Pig-Man HIMSELF

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