5 Important Bernie Revolution pages you should bookmark


August 2, 2016JNN_Banner_moneyFinal

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All Bernie Democrats – Showing 273 total. The people listed are all Democrats who support Sanders. They are either currently serving, serving and up for re-election, or a candidate seeking election.

The Berniecrats Network – shows all candidates and updates as they win or lose their primaries by state. It provides contact info and is really well done. It seems to be updated.

SandersDemocrats – This page is a dedicated map of the U.S.. You can click a state and see which bernie endorsed candidates are running, and directly donate to them. I do suggest however that you make sure they haven’t already had their primaries by checking the Berniecrats Network. This site wasn’t 100% in line with TBN.

Our Revolution – This is made by Bernie. Join it. It was established AFTER the Nomination when everyone thought he sold us out. No, he fell on his sword for us.

If you are on Facebook, go ahead and like my page dedicated to this revolution and its democrats. Bernie Updates 2016 & Beyond. I always post JNN articles there and I will soon post information that I can gather about these candidates and create news about them. They need it. So when you see it, share it because as my good friend Debra says: Sharing is Caring.

Please support them, because that is what this revolution is all about. It’s about making sure that these great progressive thinkers replace seats of those who wish to make themselves richer, while the rest of us stagnate. It’s either the money or the people and apparently our Government doesn’t give a rats-ass what we think while they drag the war hawk to the throne by any means necessary, showing us all very clearly that we, with our precious vote in hand, mean nothing to them.



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