911 What the hell do you believe? So take 5 minutes watch this video and add these Facts to YOUR knowledge Folks!


Whatever you believe about 911, if you go along with the official story you are grazing with the sheep! Larry Alger- Publisher Justice News Network

#REALNEWS that they never intended you to see that slipped by ONCE!

And ONE more thing, when it comes to 911- Bld 7 LIE by Larry Silverstein. There was NO WAY IN HELL the NYFD rigged a controlled demo to drop bld 7 in its own footprint in a few hours on 911 FOR GOD’S SHAKE. It could NOT be done! ANYONE who knows ANYTHING about building demos KNOWS it takes WEEKS to work out the math, do the planning, and set up the charges to bring down a 47 story steel frame structure successfully at FREE-FALL SPEED IN THE BUILDING FOOTPRINT. Go ogle It People, an implosion demo project. Facts are facts. And Silverstein is a god damned LIAR! As well as the biggest Insurance Fraudster EVER!  Google THAT TOO! Silverstien World Trade Center Insurance claim. 

1-24-17 Wake Up Stand Up and Get Involved for TRUTH & JUSTICE!