A Personal Message from Prison Consultant Larry Levine

Hi I’m Larry Levine. Before I entered federal custody, I operated a Private Investigation firm in Los Angeles, California. My career as a prison consultant began when I was arrested by a Federal Organized Crime Task Force for charges related to securities fraud, obstruction of justice, narcotics trafficking, and possession of automatic weapons, and was sentenced to a ten year sentence in Federal Custody.

Post Arrest Detention and Sentencing

After being deemed a threat to the community and denied bail, I was held for 21 months inside the Federal Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) in downtown Los Angeles, where I began assisting fellow inmates in their defense, by reviewing prosecutorial discovery for inaccuracies, researching case law, Indictments, PSR’s and Plea Agreements, and explaining criminal defense strategies and possible sentencing departures. I was ultimately sentenced to a term of 10 years in Federal Prison.

Federal Prison Politics

If the thought of going to prison scares you, you’re not alone! Prisons are dangerous places, and having knowledge about the mechanics of prison policies, dealing with gangs, staff, and the politics of prison life, is the key to surviving successfully behind the fence and coming home safely. Take it from me, while there’s no shortage of great lawyers to help fight criminal charges, when it comes time to enter custody, an attorney’s knowledge and experience end at the prison gates.

Custody Experience

After sentencing I served my time in 11, high, medium, low, and minimum security Federal Correctional Institutions and Jails throughout California, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, and Oklahoma, where I continued assisting inmates file Bureau of Prison administrative remedies and Habeas Corpus petitions, obtain early releases, transfers and medical, while continuing to self-educate myself in Criminal Law.

In 2005, I was incarcerated at the former Federal Prison Camp on Nellis Air Force base outside of Las Vegas, Nevada, and upon its closure was moved along with several hundred other white-collar inmates, to the gang infested higher security La Tuna Federal Prison in El Paso, on the Texas-Mexican Border.

While at La Tuna, I single-handedly, filed a Federal Class Action Habeas Corpus Lawsuit in U.S. District Court against the DOJ and Bureau of Prisons, claiming the DOJ had violated its own policies by sending the Nellis inmates to higher custody. Due to my actions, the DOJ was forced to act and subsequently shifted hundreds of its inmates around the country to conform to the lawsuit’s claims.

My primary service is, to coach clients surrendering into the BOP. Along with survival coaching and prison designation assistance, I offer assistance helping defendants gain entry into the RDAP EARLY RELEASE PROGRAM, and help with Second Chance Act extra halfway house reentry center placement.

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