Our Mission

With our Labor Department now being run by an individual who speaks to the benefits of replacing human labor with robots; our Environmental Protection Agency under the control of someone who does not take the impending effects of human-induced climate change seriously; and our State Department under the purview of a fossil fuel magnate who can be appropriately dubbed a hawk; it is time for people to truly come together!

And in coming together…we need to be smart if we are going to truly head off the storms we are heading into.

The purpose of “Berning Attorneys” is to develop offices of like-minded attorneys in every congressional district. The goal of these attorneys will be to both turn back the coming tide of regressive national action and to galvanize support for progressive change. These attorneys are individuals who not only think in the mode of our hero Bernie Sanders, they also have the savvy, built up over many years of strategic activism, which positions them well to know where the pressure points are in any legislative battle. They have spent years within the activist community of their congressional district and so they have allies which they can partner with. They have the pertinent media, lobbying, and direct action experiences to be able to get the message out and the creativity to know how to develop the message itself. With such an attorney positioned in every congressional district, these attorneys can also work in collaboration in order to effect national legislation.

What are these attorneys going to do specifically? That will be up to the individual attorney.

Our attorneys will not need to be micro-managed. Instead, they will be encouraged to be proactively engaged and creative in their work. They will feed off of the interactions with their fellow Berning Attorneys. Of course, the expectation is that they will take advantage of traditional modes of activism and be building a database of average citizens who will conduct letter-writing campaigns, lobby days, and mass direct actions.

And, when necessary, they will have the license to litigate!
Similar to the spirit of the veterans at Standing Rock, we believe that there are trained individuals who are ready to put their skills to work for the people in the legislative realm and move our government to begin to work for the people once again! Trained legal professionals in every legislative district can organize regular citizens and empower the people to force our elected officials to remember who they work for. The only thing that has ever moved society forward is a group of concerned citizens. “Berning Attorneys” is ready to take on the fight for a renewed democracy, a fully modernized economy, and a movement to protect our planet.


I am well aware of the “season” and short funds BUT we must be willing to support our cause if we are to move forward.  Any amount to get the movement off the ground will be appreciated.  We can’t just sit and “wish” for things to change.  This must be a TEAM EFFORT.  We MUST do this (as Josh says) for US(A)!  Do you want to be a part of this EVOLUTION OF OUR REVOLUTION?  We are all “drafted” whether we like it or not!