August 12, 2016

I just felt the need to offer some of the better videos and information on Wikileaks because I find them to be a major society-awakening global game-changer and true advocates of the truth behind corruption in Governments around the world. I think it is time we all paid closer attention to what is really going on and become researchers ourselves. We spread a lot of BULLSHIT all over Facebook this last year. Stay tuned for a video I plan to make (a second one) about how to recognize BULLSHIT NEWS pages. Here is PART ONE of that series.

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Wikileaks Website

Wikileaks Twitter

A new Facebook Group: WIkileaksUSA

Julian Assange’s 2015 book – WikiLeaks Files The World According To US Empire


This is CNN Report 8 days old, but it seems like many have missed it.

Wiki Wars : The Mission of Julian Assange [Complete Documentary]

Published on Aug 2, 2016

Julian Assange says he is on a mission to change the world, by fighting corruption and what he sees as injustice, through exposing secrets. He has launched a cyber war over the control of sensitive information, inciting a debate over the power of secrecy and who has the ‘right’ to release confidential information. Exposing everything from secret war logs, to diplomatic cables, to explosive videos, the 39-year-old Australian founder of the whistle-blower website WikiLeaks has been called both a hero and a villain.

Wikileaks – The Secret Story [Full Documentary]

Published on Jun 24, 2015

As the extradition hearing to decide whether WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange must return to Sweden to face a rape allegation reaches its judgement, Panorama talks to his former right hand man who walked out…


What Motivated Julian Assange?

Published on Jul 14, 2016

Inside Wikileaks (2010): Julian Assange is adamant that his leak of over 90,000 war files was justified, and threatens to release even more.


I found these particular videos to be very informative and well done. There are many, but these are the best. If you feel one is missing, please leave a comment!


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