Abigail Medina CA 40th Assembly District is NOT who her opponent says she is on TV ads. I KNOW because I KNOW Abigail!


Abigail Medina 40th Assembly District, Presidential Election 2016      San Bernardino, Devore, Highland, Redlands, Loma Linda, Mentone, Rancho Cucamonga, Lytle Creek, Phelan


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I’m Larry Alger publisher of the Justice News Network. I met Abigail while I was volunteering for the Bernie Sanders Campaign. I have gotten to know her and understand why she chooses public service. First and foremost it is because Abigail is a person who grew up without privilege in working foster families in the poorer ends of town.  She understands the hardship of the working class life and the satisfaction that comes from the rewards of working hard to make the most of her gifts and blessings.

THIS is the Abigail who I have come to know!

She is an empathetic soul who has never had a bad word for anyone that I have ever heard. She is a dedicated individual who believes in equal opportunity and equity in education that provides a solid foundation for achievement through out a person’s life.


She never told me this directly, she just showed me in the context of leading by example. I have seen people flock to her because of what she gives as a person, warmth of spirit, the honest understanding that comes from integrity, and the humanity of our universal experience.

The statements I saw recently on a TV ad by Mark Steinorth supporters made claims that describe some other person other than the Abigail Medina I know.  My friend Abigail would NEVER violate a public trust and spend money on her own personal entertainment, or enrichment for that matter, that didn’t belong to HER!  No Never!!


THAT is EXACTLY what a REPUBLICAN like Mark Steinorth would think of throwing out there because THAT kind of thing is right from the GOP playbook, know what I mean?  In FACT I do not believe it would even occur to the Abigail I KNOW to skim off the top of the public trust in any manner what so ever! NOT EVER!


So get to know Abigail yourself. Connect with her and help her win this election for the people NOT the special interests who have taken the 40th Assembly District for granted for so long.   Come and knock on some doors, Phone bank to spread the word to your neighbors, and if you can afford to Donate a few bucks to help Abigail put the good back in good government, it will really help!


Thanks everybody, and Steinorth you ought to be ashamed of yourself spreading such manure around the district.  BUT I’m pretty sure you won’t be ashamed because that is just how you GOPers do it. Right Mark?


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Oct 7 -16


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