The Justice News Network is brought to you by Americans for Americans that are interested in, or actively working to revitalize our political process.

It is unacceptable to us that over 6o percent of the electorate did not vote in recent elections.

It is unacceptable to us that the votes of the citizens that ARE involved and DO vote are actively opposed, suppressed, and cheated in the process by those clinging tightly onto the CONTROL they have gained over our governance through corruption.

How about YOU?  Do you feel, to some degree, this way?  Are you fed up with establishment politics as usual that CONTROL our lives and treat citizens as chattel?

If you DO you are in the right place and we hope YOU will join with us and contribute your voice, energy, fortune and sacred honor to the tasks at hand of revitalizing and restoring our American Democracy to the American Citizens!

Welcome to the Safe Space for the Political Revolution!

In Solidarity…

Larry Alger, Publisher

Justice Defined: Just behavior or treatment.   “A concern for justice, peace, and genuine respect for people”  = fairness, justness, fair play, fair-mindedness, equity, evenhandedness, impartiality, objectivity, neutrality, disinterestedness, honesty, righteousness, morals, morality

“I appealed to his sense of justice”