Acne Can Become Life Altering


When I was growing up, I remember having acne breakouts and doing everything in my power to hide my pimples and blemishes so that others wouldn’t see them. I recall thinking that having one pimple and a tiny blemish was the end of the world. Then I would see my friends that were indeed dealing with cases of acne that were far worse than my one pimple. At one point I did everything I could to remove all of my freckles from my face due to the teasing I endured because of having hundred’s of freckles covering my face. Eventually, I grew to love my freckles, however, I know that is never the case for those who actually suffer from severe acne and they never grow to love their unwanted acne!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if those who are afflicted with acne breakouts discovered what was causing them and were able to cure them? Hopefully, the featured video accompanying this article can shed some light of possible causes.

The American Acne and Rosacea Society (AARS) was founded in 2005 as a means to provide an interchange of knowledge and to stimulate education and research about acne and rosacea. Please visit their website for more information You can also find AARS on their Facebook
fan page for advice and support as they are the experts.


For those who have been diagnosed with severe acne, there is support, and you are not alone, so please click the Acne Support Map link that follows to join the Acne Support Map. has created an amazing platform for over 800 diseases, conditions, disorders and/or syndromes connecting them to others who can relate, so they can find connections and resources to help them through. Support is key for those who are diagnosed with such conditions and knowing that you are not alone gives great peace of mind as well as hope.

The attached video was Featured on The Doctors Show

Dermatologist Sandra Lee, also known as Dr. Pimple Popper, weighs in on the Internet rumor that the location of your acne breakout can reveal underlying health issues.

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