Energy Transfer Partners is, and has been throughout the entire process, WILLFULLY and KNOWINGLY skirting AND breaking the laws in every state this project touches.

They are ignoring the will of the people (that is You and Me folks) and doing ANYTHING they can, including BUYING politicians, the Cops and employing Blackwater style Mercenaries to move their agendas forward on THEIR timetable at any cost to anyone. Yes they have bgribed and ignored the government too, because they operate as if America has become an Oil Company with an Army!

RFK Jr. states it straight out. DAPL is an Outlaw Corporation:

FULL Report from Standing Rock:  (9 Min)

Background Report:  This is the audio recording of a meeting between DAPL and the Standing Rock Sioux which PROVES the company NEVER conducted business in good faith, because DAPL has claimed they never were aware of the Sioux’s concerns, when they were all along! We provide this information to educate anyone who mistakenly believes DAPL, as per their latest statements on the Easement, plays by all the rules.  In FACT THEY BREAK ALL THE RULES WHENEVER THEY CHOOSE, up to an including attempted murder.  This recording is also provided to refute any trolls for DAPL hit this report with LIES.