The Oligarch-Clinton Cabal has put the fix IN people. Don’t YOU forget that Tim Kaine is the heir NOT so apparent. They will KILL Bernie before they allow him to take his rightful place as leader and candidate. WAKE UP this is WAR against TREASON people!


It comes down to this…. UNTIL BERNIE HIMSELF STANDS UP AND SAYS THE ELECTION WAS STOLEN AND TREASON WAS COMMITTED IN THE STEALING OF THE PRESIDENCY THERE IS NO Sanders Lead OUR REVOLUTION…. There is only division that plays directly into the hands of the Clinton Cabal and their Oligarch masters… ANYONE who does not recognize this and continues to downplay and suppress the movements working to develop an alternative to the two parties of corruption and treason is knowingly or unknowingly complicit in the treason as well…. THIS is what I know….

THIS is why Working For, Donating To and VOTING Jill Stein is the ONLY sensible path to building a real Alternative to the DNC and GOP Corruption.


WATCH this video:

Here is an insiders explanation of the treason against Jill in Nevada. Dan is running against Luck Flores, the Harry Reid Machine pick for Congress, and HE KNOWS what he is talking about. Listen UP!


Don’t WASTE your vote!
Fight back Vote Jill Stein Green Party!


Sept 28-16



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