TRUE THIS: Flint, Ferguson and Palestine are all the result of the same Cancer eating away at JUSTICE in the Unites States and Israel as well!

Kill the Press, Kill Real Education, Create the Classroom to Prison Pipeline, Suppress and Jail minority groups and those that speak out! THAT is EXACTLY what has happened, along with the war on the First Amendment and Critical Thinking, hasn’t it? The results are Fascism and War, and the Unites States has BOTH at home and around the globe. Watch and share this video.

WE NEED new, un-corrupted paths to governance. We THOUGHT we had a shot with the Political Revolution awakened by Bernie Sanders. How did THAT work out folks??!! The path was undermined; The Election was stolen; and OUR HERO, in the end, threw in his cards and abandoned us. Well JILL STEIN has taken up the mantle of the Revolution and WE MUST consider this new path as well as the others that are sprouting up here in the ONCE Home of the FREE and and the land of the Stand Up, Brave Citizens. Those who understood the Legacy of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and James Madison and the rest that kicked the crown’s ass and threw them out of our once great country. I believe in the American People. I believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. And I believe that the next generation must take up the mantle of Citizen activists and revolutionary because, by and large, MY Generation sure let it all go to shit.  Here is more to digest consider and share people.  Welcome to the Political Revolution!


Go ahead and VOTE for Jill cause she is here to stay
We gotta send the corrupt and crooked down the road to STAY
And bring about the REAL change for a Bright New Day!

Third Party Vote a Waste? NO and here is WHY just watch this short video!


Bernie Backer? Reasonable Human Being? There is only one way to go now Jill Stein! Watch this message!