Amy Goodman Victory in North Dakota Peoples Video


JNN Thanks all the people who shot video we mashed up here, including Jordan from the Young Turks, for standing up to tell the story the State of North Dakota is trying to suppress!  YOU are the media people.



 We are ALL in this together to save our cities, states, country and world from the evil cloud of Petro-Biz greed and government complicity that is eating away at our water, our air, our land and rights as people. And Thank You to all the people around the world that are fighting for themselves, their children and to keep future generations safe as well!

Pipeline work moving forward FAST!


Prior Reports:

Amy Goodman of Democracy Now has charges dropped! Complete Vindication of ND Pipeline Reporting!


Arrest Warrants for Amy Goodman and Jill Stein?? In Morton County, ND they are Corrupt trying to arrest reporters and Presidential Candidates!

Please Going Green these days means much more than Solar over Oil.
Vote Jill Stein!