From DES….

Boots on American Soil….

And tanks….

The very idea of tanks rolling through the streets of U.S. cities seems fundamentally inconsistent with the country’s notions of democracy and freedom.

Americans might be surprised, therefore, to learn just how readily the president can deploy troops inside the country.

The principle that the military should not act as a domestic police force, known as “posse comitatus,” has deep roots in the nation’s history, and it is often mistaken for a constitutional rule.

The Constitution, however, does not prohibit military participation in police activity. Nor does the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 outlaw such participation; it merely states that any authority to use the military for law-enforcement purposes must derive from the Constitution or from a statute.

The Insurrection Act of 1807 provides the necessary authority.

As amended over the years, it allows the president to deploy troops upon the request of a state’s governor or legislature to help put down an insurrection within that state.

It also allows the president to deploy troops unilaterally, either because he determines that rebellious activity has made it “impracticable” to enforce federal law through regular means, or because he deems it necessary to suppress “insurrection, domestic violence, unlawful combination, or conspiracy” (terms not defined in the statute) that hinders the rights of a class of people or “impedes the course of justice.”

Presidents have wielded the Insurrection Act under a range of circumstances.

Dwight Eisenhower used it in 1957 when he sent troops into Little Rock, Arkansas, to enforce school desegregation.

George H. W. Bush employed it in 1992 to help stop the riots that erupted in Los Angeles after the verdict in the Rodney King case.

George W. Bush considered invoking it to help restore public order after Hurricane Katrina, but opted against it when the governor of Louisiana resisted federal control over the state’s National Guard.

While controversy surrounded all these examples, none suggests obvious overreach.

And yet the potential misuses of the act are legion.

When Chicago experienced a spike in homicides in 2017, Trump tweeted that the city must “fix the horrible ‘carnage’ ” or he would “send in the Feds!”

To carry out this threat, the president could declare a particular street gang — say, MS‑13 — to be an “unlawful combination” and then send troops to the nation’s cities to police the streets.

He could characterize sanctuary cities — cities that refuse to provide assistance to immigration-enforcement officials — as “conspiracies” against federal authorities, and order the military to enforce immigration laws in those places.

Conjuring the specter of “liberal mobs,” he could send troops to suppress alleged rioting at the fringes of anti-Trump protests.

How far could the president go in using the military within U.S. borders?

The Supreme Court has given us no clear answer to this question.

Take Ex parte Milligan, a famous ruling from 1866 invalidating the use of a military commission to try a civilian during the Civil War. The case is widely considered a high-water mark for judicial constraint on executive action. Yet even as the Court held that the president could not use war or emergency as a reason to bypass civilian courts, it noted that martial law — the displacement of civilian authority by the military — would be appropriate in some cases. If civilian courts were closed as a result of a foreign invasion or a civil war, for example, martial law could exist “until the laws can have their free course.”

The message is decidedly mixed: Claims of emergency or necessity cannot legitimize martial law … until they can.

Presented with this ambiguity, presidents have explored the outer limits of their constitutional emergency authority in a series of directives known as Presidential Emergency Action Documents, or PEADS.

*** PEADS, which originated as part of the Eisenhower administration’s plans to ensure continuity of government in the wake of a Soviet nuclear attack, are draft executive orders, proclamations, and messages to Congress that are prepared in advance of anticipated emergencies.

PEADS are closely guarded within the government; none has ever been publicly released or leaked.

But their contents have occasionally been described in public sources, including FBI memorandums that were obtained through the Freedom of Information Act as well as agency manuals and court records. According to these sources, PEADS drafted from the 1950s through the 1970s would authorize not only martial law but the suspension of habeas corpus by the executive branch, the revocation of Americans’ passports, and the roundup and detention of “subversives” identified in an FBI “Security Index” that contained more than 10,000 names.


Less is known about the contents of more recent PEADS and equivalent planning documents.

But in 1987, The Miami Herald reported that Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North had worked with the Federal Emergency Management Agency to create a secret contingency plan authorizing “suspension of the Constitution, turning control of the United States over to FEMA, appointment of military commanders to run state and local governments and declaration of martial law during a national crisis.”




A 2007 Department of Homeland Security report lists “martial law” and “curfew declarations” as “critical tasks” that local, state, and federal government should be able to perform in emergencies.


In 2008, government sources told a reporter for Radar magazine that a version of the Security Index still existed under the code name Main Core, allowing for the apprehension and detention of Americans tagged as security threats.




Since 2012, the Department of Justice has been requesting and receiving funds from Congress to update several dozen PEADS first developed in 1989.

The funding requests contain no indication of what these PEADS encompass, or what standards the department intends to apply in reviewing them.

But whatever the Obama administration’s intent, the review has now passed to the Trump administration.

It fell to Jeff Sessions’s successor as attorney general to decide whether to rein in or expand some of the more frightening features of these peads.

And, of course, it will be up to President Trump whether to actually use them — something no previous president appears to have done.


The War on Cancer…. failed
The War on Drugs….. failed
The War on Terror… has only just begun, in earnest-
at home!

Now, America is quarantined.

At home.

Cities on lockdown.

The US Military has been scoping out the grocery stores, food warehouses and traffic arteries.

Under National Emergency deployment, US soldiers are deployed at home- to protect and serve..

To protect whom?

From what?

To protect, you?


To serve, you?


To protect The Government


While you are in your homes, small black boxes are being installed on city light poles.

Beam forming, 5 G repeater nodes.

While you are in your homes, Strategic Intelligence Gathering Committees are assessing the cutting off of side roads, implementing road blocks and the dispersing of rationed supply chain products based on geographic demographic population numbers and planning strategic control mechanisms.

They have 2 weeks to implement urban tactical defense strategies in order to impose wartime controls on a wholly unprepared population.


This will be necessary because by then some of you will realize that instead of being complacent, instead of prayer groups, instead of all the trivia nonsense you fill your time with, you should have paid attention and by the time that epiphany hits- it will be too late

While you were being circle jerked #covid19 the media, the economists, the politicians and the bankers were plotting, colluding and getting ready to implement a perfect Coup upon The People.


On Wednesday the federal government announced an Act of War and perfected such with the sweep of the pen.

The Patriots cheered “ MAGA”

Self righteous, smug and just as complacent as the other crowd(s) because the Patriots knew… they had “ Q”, right?

Indeed yes.


Counter Intelligence Deep State Operation direct from Qinetic- Q…… courtesy of the Pirbright, Welcome Trust, Rhodes Foundation Skull&Bones-

The US Military is, right now preparing for the inevitable moment when the patriots with guns realize that “ something’s a little off”… them pedos aint been arrested yet…

Just in time to be diagnosed with a fever, a likely close contact case, to be quarantined…. next

While US farmers realize that they cannot shoulder the burden the government knows they can’t- FEED AMERICA


Predictions are $10 a barrel oil.

This is not because of Russia

This is a trade fixing war instigated by the US, Israel and the Saudis as the fronts with the IMF, UN and EU as backers-

America was designated the fall guy- the empire to be collapsed in on itself and its currency destroyed, its economic powerhouse harnessed for exploitation and exportation piece by piece and here you are…

Rejoicing that you are “ flattening the curve” of a bioweapon created to implode the global debt system and to usher in the new world order

Because the old one just got fucked.


What will you be eating in a month or 2 when your canned goods run out?

What will you do when you notice all the new boxes on your utility poles?

What will you do 3 months from now?

Rejoice- payroll taxes are deferred….
Rechoice- tax season is now July 15
Rechoice- $1200 is in the mail

Then what?

What will you be eating in July?



More like distraction to end game


The Art of the Deal.

Just remember this-

You can’t drink hand sanitizer
You can’t eat toilet paper

Farmers have not been approached to increase domestic productivity of food items

The Army has been deployed to guard rail distribution tracks, central warehouses and implement Urban Tactical Directives.

One doesn’t fight a virus with guns tanks and boots on the ground.

America was taken from within.

Kennedy Assassination


And this- the National State of Emergency Defense Production Act NDAA Patriot Act

Or do you really think that from now on each flu season will begin with “ Ready Set Go… wash your hands, National lockdown in effect…” till when?
April 10?
July 15?

Every year now?

That’s it.

This was a test

This was a test of the National Emergency Preparedness for a domestic attack … a national emergency…. a threat…
a virus ….

Every year now?

With $10 a barrel oil and zero mainframe warehouse food storage national Agricultural Plan in place?

I think the fuck not!

In Lies We Trust