Are you a REAL Progressive working for change? Or just an Ostrich in Vote Blue? Watch this video and find out!


We agree with Steve.  Even if you don’t get it that voting for “the lesser of two evils” has brought us to where we are today, Trump is NOT it anyway. Now, assuming the persona he’s presenting is accurate — that of a racist, misogynist, xenophobic, narcissistic, politically ignorant, bombastic, narcissistic, grandstanding blowhard — he is, of course, completely unfit to be President. He’ll be an even bigger international embarrassment than “W.”
Having said that, there are two very critical reasons that he’s still a better choice than Hillary “Rotten” Clinton….  If WE the real progressives full on support and vote for Jill Stein we have a shot…  Listen to Steve here….

And Listen to Jill here…  I met Jill at this event and I am convinced that she is NOW the only legit candidate!

Jill Stein in LA Wed Aug 31 at Surprise Meet and Greet talks to Justice News Network!

More details on Jill Stein

Read Jill Stein Interview with LA Times Jill is “A Mother On Fire” and wants to Save Our World for the kids!


Sept 12 -16