9-22-18 Tacoma Washington

Dave Strider, the Independent candidate for US Senate in Washington State this year, announced his intent to build coalition with ALL other US Veterans to form the American Veteran Party.  He told us he was Mad As Hell and not going to take it anymore, and neither should you. He continued, I just became aware of a report by ProPublica about behind the scenes manipulation of the VA.

It’s amazing, he said to me.  The VA here in Washington just saved my life, and I can NEVER Stand for it becoming ANYTHING like the Obama Care Nightmare, NEVER!  Dave asked, Will ALL you Vets stand with me?  We MUST work tirelessly to see that VA gets the resources it needs to take care of EVERY Vet.  WE must stand together to see that there are NO Homeless OR Hungry vets in America.  AND WE MUST  prevent any more Wars-for-Profit putting our military in harms way for the benefit of multi-national corporations quests for OIL and other resources, killing MILLIONS of innocents around the world while KILLING our sons and daughters in the process!

If you are Mad As Hell to and want to stand with him, email him at davestriderforussenate@gmail.com  Or give him a call at 253-238-1771.  Or check out his website at: davestriderforussenate.com

MUST SEE!  ProPublica Report on the Shadow Rulers of the VA- Save the VA Save America Vets stand together! Click the link and tel us what YOU think! https://www.propublica.org/article/ike-perlmutter-bruce-moskowitz-marc-sherman-shadow-rulers-of-the-va