Update John Podesta Hacked! Anonymous- leaks lead to this mess of Spirit Cooking


 UPDATE 11-15-16

Many other videos besides these here have appeared on youtube about the information in the Pedophile and Satanic aspects of the Podesta hack and email releases.  Here are a few we have reviewed and recommend for our users IF and ONLY IF you DARE to watch them yourself.  I urge to to review this information for yourself and weigh these possibilities.   We believe that these issues MUST be investageted and authenticated, adjudicated and put to rest one way or the other as soon as possible! There is just too much out there to ignore.

Lady GaGa in this intro video explains Marina Abramovic The Spirit Cooking Woman- GaGa says SHE HAD NO LIMITS!

OK ask yourself if having Absolutely NO LIMITS is a Good Thing or Not?  Two other people that come to mind that MUST HAVE HAD NO LIMITS were Angelo Buono and Jeffrey Dahmer.  In Fact is it JUST a coincidence that John Podesta’s brother Tony has THIS “ART” in his home? I mean REALLY??

WARNING the information contained in these videos all have a CONSISTENT baseline and is disturbing, profane with X-Rated content and in our opinion truly horrific! Please use caution when viewing and sharing.

First Video is a three minute overview of the activities of the Podesta brothers and others referenced in the email hacks.

The second video is a background piece by a woman explaining Spirit Cooking With The Clinton friends and campaign principals

The third video is from the same woman who did the prior video and she explains the Pizza/Pedophile aspects and highlights an actual connection to a lawyer in the DOJ as being a principal in this group!

The fourth video is a very in-depth presentation about the Comet Pizza restaurant connection by the same woman in the prior two videos.

The Fifth video is David Icke on Spirit Cooking Politics & Satanic Rituals

THERE IS MUCH MUCH MORE out there on the web if you want to delve deeper into this. WE at JNN feel this information needs to be made WIDELY known and I personally have confirmed that these behaviors and belief systems are truly commonplace in the so called Oligarch and ruling classes as David Icke explains in his video.  Did we dodge an evil bullet with the defeat of the Clinton Cabal?  We don’t know because so much is waiting to be reveled.


John Podesta Twitter Acct Hacked today:


Bonus! Anon Twitter Feed.. Click the Link