Ballot verification CAN be done Here’s How


Please watch the video above for the Hows

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Election fraud has been the rule since I have been watching elections closely starting with the Presidential race of 2000 Gore V Bush. Remember Florida’s Hanging Chads?
One of the great sources of election fraud reporting is our friend Greg at Please follow & support Greg’s work to help keep America’s democracy alive.


Fraud is real. Fraud happens every day. In elections, fraud is a common issue. Regardless of what Twitter and Facebook say, fraud has happened in many elections in the US. The Nixon/Kennedy election, for example, had an egregious case of fraud that was later reported and written on extensively. The fraud did in fact flip the election to Kennedy, but Nixon at the time opted to not fight it.

The Democrat machine is notorious for fraudulent elections in the deep blue cities across the country, but we suspect this election fraud happened almost everywhere. Here are a number of ways elections can be fraudulently bent to prefer one candidate over another.

Always Remember every American citizen has the responsibility to vote informed, support our democratic processes, and to defend our rights enumerated in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. 



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