Someone asked me what I learned about Bernie and this election cycle.. MY REPLY…. I learned that both Bernie and I were not ready for the depth and breath of the treason the Oligarchs have wrought upon our land. THEY have worked nonstop for forty years to circumvent our democratic processes and solidly plant their jackbooted terrorist rule based on fear across the American collective throat…. I fear for America in the near term and believe in her for the long term… We are going to have to go to war with the traitors that have stolen elections from us since the year 2000. I am afraid people will have to die to see this through AL LA Ukraine. But in the end, the people will overwhelm the treason and the traitors who have stolen our democracy and the eagle will fly proud and free lifted by both the right and left wings of loyal compromise. I also learned that the DNC has taken to killing people who are willing to spread the truth and demand our rights under the constitution, and I can hardly wait for my name to be on the FBI witness list next week (I HOPE) so I do not end up like Seth Rich or Shaun Lucas . ANYONE who votes for the democrat for president this cycle is complicit in TREASON, and anyone who votes for the GOP choice is just a foolish dupe of the DNC…. Because OMG TRUMP!!!

Another great video from a true Berner


  1. […] Are YOU worthless??? You are unless you GET YOUR ANGER UP AND FIGHT BACK !!! DO NOT JUST OVER BEND OVER AND LET HILLARY ET AL DO US WRONG PEOPLE. GREEN IS THE ONLY option to mess them up in NOV! Every Berner needs to watch and listen to this and you will KNOW what to do!!! […]

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