Bernie Sanders Last Great Moment of Truth since the Primary Election in 2016 And More!


 That’s right Bernie Said this:  The Movement Should Not Listen to Me… 

More Homework for Berners who NEED Truth In Solidarity JNN

Bernie Blew It He Woulda Won but Noooo He had to Shill for the Shill!

Do NOT get me wrong.. I loved Bernie… He just Broke my heart And About 2020… Until Bernie Stands up and says I was wrong for not confronting the Primary fraud, the theft of the election from ALL OF YOU, and I’m sorry for not standing up in Philly and then kissing Hillarys ass, and I regret not running against Trump AND Hillary and keeping Trump from being elected president, Bernie running again Ain’t Happening people… Listen to this footage of Bernie YOU have never seen before. THIS is not the usual Stump Speech… I know because I shot it… God Damn It Bernie… You Woulda Won… Bernie Sat 6-4 Hollywood 17 min

So WHO HERE can watch the video Bernie made for the SHILL in this report and say Oh He didn’t and does NOT continue to Sheep-Dog for the Rotten Corrupt Screwed UP DNC?? Anyone? Click the link for the report and video!

Review THIS REPORT and watch EVERY VIDEO before you come at me or I will tell you to just get STUFFED, OK, because you bath in ignorance unless YOU KNOW these facts. This is NOT Opinion here people, this is the recent electoral HISTORY that screws us ALL EVERY DAY. Bernie Elected Trump by NOT fighting the corruption, and until you understand THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED you are JUST another SHEEP waiting to be slaughtered! Click the Link Below to review this report!

I KNOW when to go another way after I have been Held down, Robbed and stripped of my dignity… Maybe YOU don’t… maybe YOU ALL Don’t… I’ll tell you this if the TEN to Fifteen MILLION #DemExit folks ALL registered Green We could KICK their asses in every state because in case you missed it these are 43% independents these days looking for ELECTION JUSTICE!!

Until Bernie Stands up for the UnSpoken TRUTH on Philly and speaks the TRUTH of the TREASON of 2106 I can not (Painfully) send HIM more money stand at another voter reg table with his image on my shirt, or vote for him AGAIN… But THAT is just me and I looking to network with OTHER-LIKE-MINDED folks…… If THAT is not you OK I wish you the best of LUCK with all that… And Hey IF Proven wrong by folks like you in the next ten years or more… (I’ll be dead by then anyway) Thanks for all the Fish….

IT IS TREASON…..  Because Bernie Woulda Won people…… NOT Trump!   Do Ya Get It???

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