Bernie Sanders: NOT-ME-US, Your help is still needed! [videos]


August 1, 2016JNN_Banner_moneyFinal


In that video above from a few months ago he clearly said it. “If I have to get behind Hillary stop listening to me because I have to say certain things to stay viable in office.”

You should listen instead to what he said in his yuuuge rally’s across the country for the last year. “It’s not about me, it’s about you“, and called for people to run for office, noting that this would take time but this is the only to get rid of the establishments power, from the bottom up.

Here is our very own JNN Publisher saying WHY he feels the Bern, and joins me and a hundred thousand others dedicated to continuing fight with the Revolution. He speaks my heart since I am one of those VETs that got ignored by my country. “Lefty” here, was lucky!

They are doing it too. I do not apologize for saying it, but by running off to Dr. Jill Stein, you are throwing all your work away. Do you honestly think your vote will suddenly count? They will stop at NOTHING. Our position should be the same. WE will not accept this behavior. NO ONE should be above the law.

What you do not understand, is that Green will have 0 power in congress due to lack of green presence, if by some magical stroke of political luck she gets voted in. Don’t kid yourself. What Clinton’s Machine did in the primaries, will be done again and no one will stop that. 1,000 people in the system would need to simultaneously go to jail. More people will die       before Jill Stein gets that seat.

Concentrate now. Bernie has endorsed 100 Progressive candidates below him and has started a new movement called Our Revolution. Next to that he also started whats called the Sanders Institute. Then there is BrandNewCongress taking care of progressive candidates who want this change Bernie wants, and they are supporting them. I hear some of you saying he betrayed us. I call BULLSHIT on that one. You just forgot what he said, which is why I am here to remind you of what he IS doing.

You don’t need Bernie to help the Revolution


You only need your desire to force this change with all of us. If anything, Bernie needs you to continue with him, as well as independent of him. What if all of those who were purged from the rolls had marched the day after hearing about voter suppression tactics and disenfranchisement? 100,000 or more in the streets would send a message. We might not be seeing the lackadaisical “Bernie betrayed me” attitude that we are seeing now. You know, stuff like Clinton’s’ buddies doing the investigations into our botched elections….

I’m not just #StillBernieOrBust Im #RevolutionOrBust 

We must not give up on this Political Revolution. If we do that, we simply throw our hands up and succumb to it. You and I both know how stupid it would be to throw all this momentum away.

Everyone is working on this. Stay the course! Have a look at ElectionJusticeUSA’s PDF about the atrocity that happened during this years Election. All the facts right here. Don’t stop there, because the most important law suit is still a THING for us through the mighty hand of Cliff Arnebeck.

We Are The Majority!

YOU are the Majority!!!!

So Wake Up and Smell the Health Care!