There it was, the old Johnnie’s Coffee Shop which has become Bernie’s One Stop Campaign shop.  An Icon of Mid Wilshire in Los Angeles for decades and a staple in dozens of films over the years it turned into The Bernie Peoples HQ during the campaign here in California.


So Wednesday night on Aug 10th several dozen people down for change met up and took made the Brand New Congress a reality a few steps closer than it was that morning.

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So What’s the deal with BNC anyway?  BNC as well as the American people KNOW that Congress is broken.  80% of Americans agree. Its decisions are driven by a handful of wealthy individuals, it is incapable of working together to enact real change, and see what John Oliver says about its members spend too much time dialing for dollars.

We need an honest, accountable Congress, but trying to win each congressional seat one-by-one is impossible. So let’s replace Congress all at once. Our plan is to recruit and run 400+ candidates as a single, unified campaign with a single plan. By giving the people an option for big, tangible change, we plan to whip up the same enthusiasm, volunteerism, voter turnout, and grassroots donations as Bernie’s presidential campaign. Let’s elect a Brand New Congress that works for the people.

That night both Rohan Jain and Nasiem Thompson headed up the program which was to develop smaller groups of local congressional district constituents, and brain storm on finding vetting and nominating potential candidates for the 2-018 election cycle.


One congressional candidate for the 44th district came out to address the BNCers and it was obvious she had the Yearn to Bern for office.  She introduced herself and took a few minutes to separate herself from the others in her race who were “Big Money” Candidates.   So if you are in the San Pedro Carson Long Beach to Downey district get to know Nanette Barragan because she looks like a winner, yes she does!CA-44CDmap1P1120678






Click Here to check out Nanette!

The crowd gathered into small groups organized by their congressional district.  They discussed the processes for finding and nominating the next generation of Berniecrats to take back Congress in 2018.  Be sure to look for the 100 city tour and come out to get involved with to make the difference America really needs!

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SO until next time we meet to work on Taking Back our Democracy, In Solidarity to all those who stand for change, stopping the recent political assassinations, and revitalizing American Democracy!    #EndTheTreason   #DNCKillers

Keep On Bernin…..









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