JNN is reporting a MAJOR shift in HOW Facebook is structuring their social media interaction! Several social and political group admins we contacted said they no longer have the icon to PIN or CHANGE existing Pinned Posts in their own groups! WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS?

Is this a Glitch? Is this a move by the Zuckerberg / Netanyahu Cabal to take away another segment of Choice and Free Expression because THEY THINK it does not favor THEIR Interests? We believe Facebook is making the BIGGEST Business Decision Mistake of their history.  We believe THIS is going to drive MILLIONS of social media users to alternatives like MyCityConnected.us 

From Joyce V Facebook power user:  Early this morning a friend, Dennis O’Connor, sent me a message. He said IT HAS BEGUN (my analysis). He told me he was no longer able to pin a post in his group Wake Up America and Feel the Bern. I went directly to my group, The Bernie Army News! and don’t ya know SAME DAMN THING!

I checked in other groups I admin in and NO DICE! NO POST CAN BE PINNED. Also, recently I began checking with others. My assumption was NO BERNERS AND NO GREENS could have their own opinions. I was WRONG! This is extending to GROUPS OUTSIDE THOSE PARAMETERS. IF YOU HAVE A GROUP OR ARE INVOLVED IN A GROUP PLEASE ADVISE US AS TO YOUR STATUS! THANK YOU! If you don’t have a #BerningOutrage LIGHT IT UP, LOCK ARMS AND LET’S DO THIS TOGETHER FOLKS! STRENGTH IN NUMBERS!

From an admin of a number of associated foundation groups:  She reports that while her Pin Post Icon is still in place it is non-functioning and she is not happy about it.

From John at President Bernie Sanders 2016: John’s group is one of the most influential politically oriented USA groups in Facebook for serious High Information voters.  AND since Bernie Sandres has become a NON-Candidate for president, his group like MANY of of others has Gone Green to #JillStein.  John reports his Pin Post icon is still visible but he is reluctant to test it this morning because he does not want to lose his current pinned post.

Why is all this important and will it effect you? Maybe is is NOT important if you are politically inert, and only use facebook to share cat videos and pictures of your nightly dinners. HOWEVER if YOU are concerned about the political reality here in the US, and YOU use Facebook to get REAL information about FACTS and events this screws each and every one of you! Do we even need to ask you to SHARE these facts herein? I hope Not. 

In Solidarity



Sept 25 -16