Today All the protest reports from last night and today are PEACEFUL! Sanders Supporters are not getting suckered into a fight they can not win and becoming overtime pay and bail bond fodder for the Philly cops.  I have no reports of brutal treatment by any Philly police so far. Reports include tales of people transforming the Cry-Fest of Yesterday into the Hug-Love-Fest today. They are even making sure the trash is picked up and not piles of litter is anywhere in the public space.  Seems to me all the TRASH maybe over at the Wells Fargo Center.   AND did you hear about Nina Turner getting her ticket pulled for talking DNC/Election corruption and Fraud on TV??  How Dare she?  More to come…






26th Wrap-Up:   So reality TV at the most hardcore today presented the roll call vote in Phily at the DNC convention.  It was perhaps the ultimate grim culmination of the most incredible fight any candidate for President has ever waged, AT LEAST since the invention of television anyway.  As I watched it play out the vote of state after state made me want to beat myself in the head with my computer keyboard, because I just could not stand what I was watching.  Toward the end after Vermont had passed to be the last vote to be called, as the impending self-humiliation became more and more evident, I thought Bernie, really preserve your dignity your integrity, your dedication to truth, please.

But it did not happen.  Bernie stood up and played the part and told the world to accept the Clinton Cabal and played the Fear Of Trump game as they must have laid it all out for him.   It BROKE MY HEART!  The video below is from a really good friend and neighbor I met early during this election cycle, who is a delegate.  She is a politically Hard As Nails Organizer who takes no shit and can give better than whatever it is you have to pile her way no matter who you are.  I respect this woman and I include her streamed report so YOU can hear and see how badly it went and yet how the corruption does not deter us from the struggle but only re-doubles our resolve.  In Solidarity Bobbi Joe  In Solidarity!  (the streaming is harsh, sorry)


From contributor:

OMG! It’s happening! It’s happening right NOW! Bernie is going to do it. He’s moved the minimum safe distance from the convention center in order to do it. He’s going to reassert himself. He’s going to rescind his endorsement and declare that HE still wants the job.   ED

Straight from an inside delegate source

Share Far and Wide and FAST!!   Tag all your delegate friends!    NEW Roll call vote 3:30

The DNC decided there would not be a floor vote but the delegates would vote at breakfast. They voted this morning and HRC did NOT have enough votes so they said they would vote this afternoon again at 4. SHE GETS DO OVERS.

Then they said they would be voting at 3 and this was after they had all left. We have been furiously trying to get the word out to Bernie’s Delegates this is coming DOWN! Now we are told THE VOTE WILL BE AT 3:30 AND THEY CHANGED THE LOCATION AGAIN!! (No we do not have location)  are share this message  with #superdelegates and any individual delegate TAGGED that you know!    It is CRAZY out there right now and Bernie delegates are being strong-armed by the DNC


  1. All of those rumors at the bottom of your piece are ones I also heard at multiple times during the day from all of the delegates that I, myself, spent a great deal of time attempting to help get funded faster and who appreciated my efforts enough to friend me.
    So yes, those rumors are not rumors. They are the truthful end result of a year watching scumbags win an election for a scumbag, cheating us in all possible ways thinkable, while we stood there with great integrity and tried to win fairly.
    I am however not upset at Bernie in the slightest. He had no choice.
    Bernie Sanders needs no criminal organization and use of fraudulent tactics to win an election. We were shown very clearly, that it is impossible to win in a fair fight like we preach every day to athletes around the world. I call for an eternal solitary confinement penalty for false start, illegal procedure, 5,000 men and women on the field and unsportsmanlike conduct; Number 45, Hillary “Rotten” Clinton. Officials please reset the clock to July 25 at 12:00 pm Philadelphia and may the one remaining player continue the game from there. May the best team win, fair and square.

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