WATCH THIS SPACE…. Much More coming I guarantee it!

I did the #dementer thing today and re-registered Dem (after changing to No Party Preference post Philly) to vote for the Berniecrat delegates in my Assembly district.. WHAT A Cluster-F…

REPORTED to me… People registering and taking ballots after supervision left closed tables with official BALLOTS JUST SITTING THERE LOOSE ON THOSE TABLES!!!  

The chair Had to recount ballot totals three times because of “MATH ERRORS” and very few of MY Berniecrat candidates received enough votes (of 357 register voters reported casting ballots) to be “elected”. Imagine that in a densely populated So Cal district, only 357 folks turned out.

I myself did not know of this event until THIS MORNING at 2:15 AM. That’s right your intrepid reporter was NOT contacted by email, phone or text this was happening IN MY DISTRICT and HOW COULD THAT BE?  It is not like I am NOT plugged into the local Dem structure.  In fact the new Assembly person I saw there came up to me and thanked me profusely for ALL THAT I HAD DONE for MY HELP in her win the in most unlikely State Assembly victory in the whole of California! (Ya See, Chevron oil alone had dropped ONE MILLION DOLLARS into an Independent Expenditure committee for her opponent, which on the surface made her run look impossible last April in the Primary, and Ya I shot this back in April when it looked so BLEAK…)  

HOW did I wind up going?  I was busy as usual sharing a JNN report on Facebook when I ran across the election announcement on a friends page (thanks to Danny Garcia) at 2:15 that morning.  I saw that post I was stunned.  How could this be?  I was not planning on getting up at 6 AM or so to get ready to go ANYWHERE, let alone a video photo and interview gig at an election, from 9AM to 4 PM.  But I instinctively KNEW that I had to make this happen and I hit the rack to jump up a few hours later to get it ON!  

The Result of my effort?  I found out the even the California Dem Establishment could not HELP ITSELF, it had to screw around and make sure the ballot boxes could be STUFFED anyway.  FACT… The TOP vote-getter had only 160 votes of the 14 “WINNERS” and New Flash… No Executive board member was elected because not ONE of those candidates who filed for the spot (ALL Progressive Bernecrats) to DO THE REAL WORK of change, got enough votes to be elected delegate and thus NO ONE could not be confirmed as the ELECTED district board member.

Does THAT strike you as odd? NONE THE DEMS THAT FILED FOR EX-BOARD election were elected as a delegate. So come the next meeting all the NEW delegates elected will have a “PRIVATE” session among themselves to determine who will represent the DEMS in that 500,000 person (HEAVILY Hispanic) district on the executive board. THAT SUCKS People, it really does.  AND remember, our district has about 500,00 people and only 357 Dems turned out to elect the delegates and OUR EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBER? Why so few?  I don’t know for sure.  Could it be that someone worked really hard to keep it under wraps and those who should have worked real hard to wrangle up BRNIECRATS to BE there to VOTE for Justice, did a poor job or no job at all.  Pitiful right? What’s it gonna take?  BLOOD?? And WHOSE???  I have 6 gigs of video to review so MORE IS COMING!  In Solidarity! 

OUR Political Reality from Grandma at Philly..  Clean House? Is it possible?