Update Sept 23 on Shawn Lucas’ death; MSM blackout and DNC plays evil tricks


Update Sept 23-16 Shawn Lucas who died on August 2 and was found on his bathroom floor by is girl friend. Well it has been SEVEN WEEKS since the death and we STILL do not know the Cause of Death. Don’t you find that ODD??
Mr Lucas was the one who served that lawsuit on the DNC and somehow met #DNCKillers an Aug 2?? And that is still ALL we know about that. As a matter of fact I spoke with the office of Beck & Lee this week and THEY have no further information of the DEATH of Shawn Lucas. So I called the DC Medical Examiner’s office and spoke with their Info Officer. SHE said that the findings, including COD (Cause of Death) are ALL Pending with NO Idea WHEN any information will be released. IN FACT she said the autopsy findings will ONLY BE released to NEXT of kin. Beck & Lee will have to subpoena it if THEY want to know. If YOU want to know stop by the Beck & Lees FB page and request that they follow up with subpoena as that info becomes available, will ya?? Thanks https://www.facebook.com/BeckandLee/

August 8, 2016
A report released by the Metro Police Dep. in D.C. says that 2 officers, Kathryn Fitzgerald and Adam Sotelo, responded to a 911 from Lucas’ girlfriend, Savannah King. The officers arrived at the scene shortly after 7 p.m. on the evening of August 2. According to the report, Lucas was “laying unconscious on the bathroom floor” and that “D.C. Fire Department responded and found no sign of life.” About the cause of death, they said to “check back in two weeks.”


My very fast report on Shawn Lucas’ untimely death was not reported by any Mainstream media outlets. That is already a very strange fact considering the other 7 deaths this year prior to this one, that are allegedly tied to the Clinton’s. This just screams of external intervention. The underground alternatives flourished with reports that were sometimes crudely bending the facts. They were falsely claiming he was the Lead Attorney on the class action lawsuit against the DNC. The ORIGINAL video in my report jumped to 350,000 views overnight due to so many writing about it.

This death came on the day when 4 Major players in the DNC resigned or were fired, including Debbie Wasserman Schultz, CEO Amy Dacey, communications director Luis Miranda and chief financial officer Brad Marshall. Emails leaked by Wikileaks showed that these key executives had secretly planned to sabotage Senator Bernie Sanders campaign, and how they were clearly biased for Hillary Clinton and were going to also be used in this lawsuit.

Marc Elias is the chair of Perkins Coie’s Political Law practice.

Among those mentioned in the emails was Marc Elias of the politically-connected legal powerhouse, Perkins Coie. The name “Perkins Coie” appears 263 times in the Wikileaks emails. The firm vetted nearly every media advertisement from the DNC, as well as writing Talking Points (TPs), to fend off charges from the Sanders’ campaign about serious irregularities at the DNC to heighten Clinton’s campaign positioning in the polls. DNC rules state that it must conduct its activities in a fair, unbiased manner toward all Democratic candidates in the primaries. This was clearly not the case.


Graham M. Wilson | Perkins Coie LLP


Have a look at the EMAIL CHAIN about HRC’s extracurricular fund raising (money laundering as Bernie put it) activities from the Hillary Victory Fund (HVF) where large sums of dough were transferred, and then immediately passed on to the DNC, circumventing limitations on the size of campaign donations.



According to Perkins Coie, they will be representing the DNC on the case with Marc Elias as one of the attorneys. The interesting point to make here is the conflict of interest between the DNC and Perkins Coie. How can the law firm who is directly involved with the collusion between the DNC and the Clinton Campaign also come rushing to the DNC’s defense on a class action lawsuit filed on behalf of Bernie Sanders! That just makes the “newly appointed” leadership look just as unethically involved as the old leadership. Sooner or later this has to crash in on them. It’s only a glass ceiling!

According to the court filings, the three law firms representing the Sanders plaintiffs are: Beck & Lee Trial Lawyers of Miami, represented by Jared Beck and Elizabeth Lee Beck; Cullin O’Brien Law, P.A. of Fort Lauderdale, Florida; and Antonino G. Hernandez P.A. of Miami.

Eleven days before Shawn’s death, Perkins Coie filed for dismissal of the lawsuit under pretense that Lucas had not served the lawsuit properly. Lucas failed to hand it to someone at the DNC who was authorized to accept lawsuits. In the video we clearly see Lucas handing these documents to a woman asking if she is with the DNC. The young woman named “Becca”, replied clearly “yes”. The woman who accepted the lawsuit from Lucas was Becca Herries, a special assistant to Amy Dacey.

According to court filings, the law firm for the DNC contacted the plaintiff law firm to notify them that the service was not proper and offered to accept service on behalf of the DNC. A common courtesy in civil cases. Anyone over the age of 18 who is NOT a party to case can serve papers in a law suit. In other words, Shawn Lucas was NOT a lawyer in the case or a party to the case. He was a hired process server. Why that would make him a target for murder makes no sense. He will not be able to testify anymore either, but his video will be valuable evidence. In my book, he was clearly lied to and betrayed, making this whole claim a big crock of…

JNN drove to a friend of one of the Plaintiffs, a member of the San Diego Michael Vu law suit, and was told the same story about the DNC playing evil tricks to get out of the lawsuit or, at least, delay it as much as possible. The lawyer wanted to remain anonymous and claimed to be getting “real scared right now.” Under the circumstances, I think we can all understand that.


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