The sad reality for MY California Assembly District elections in January was that out of 125 THOUSAND eligible Dems 358 people showed up and several dozen of those registered THAT day and were virtually unknown to any of us regulars . It took FOUR Ballots to elect a slate of delegates that were somewhat representative of the will of the people.

Then there was Sacramento in May a complete Stolen Election! It was a run in the ringers at the last moment fiasco not unlike the Nevada Shit Show in 2016. THIS is the challenge of Un-Rigging the rigged elections nationwide everyone. Do not just take MY word for it>>>> Video Report One May 19 CADEM treachery that Bauman won… Or was handed the California Dem Chair This is the guy who fought CA Prop 61 

Well from the Weekend of 19th at the Cal State Convention… CADEM Ballot Stuffing in Sacto>                Click the Link!

Will California Dems be able to cut the Cancer of Fraud and Corruption out of the party before it crashes and burns? Kimberly Ellis and a lot of others are waging a war on the corrupt Establishment. Help us WIN IT!


Nina Turner AT THE CADEM MAY 2017 Election reacts to the STEAL!

Democratic Party Reality EVERYWHERE!

March 7 2018