When asked today, in multi party conversation, at a democratic meeting in the Inland Empire:
“Is the Assembly doing anything about the California Primary election irregularities, and specifically the whited out votes for Bernie Sanders on some San Diego ballots?”

He replied:
The Attorney General IS investigating that matter now and when the Assembly reconvenes after the August break, an oversight committee will be empaneled to investigate as well”

When contacted for comment on this development, a member of the legal team said:
“This is ongoing litigation and we are encouraged with the progress so far.”


Thank you to Anthony Rendon for guarding the California enfranchisement.  We feel THAT is what EVERY ELECTED DEMOCRAT MUST DO, get to the bottom of these crimes against our California Voters!

The white out evidence shot July 2 2016:

Sanders Ballots In San Diego Confirmed Altered White Out- VIDEO

Further details from the legal team in San Diego July 6:

The DETAILS of the San Diego Vote Count Scandal!!

More from Aug 3 2016:

Citizens Oversight court ruling: Fraud proven, but still a NO

Larry Alger, Publisher
Justice News Network

Statement Aug 6 – 16