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To our GOP Friends: Ya Know this is ALL too Serious people to screw around with this rinky-dinky crap about Rosie O’Donnell SHIT! The GOP is as corrupt as the DNC is (Think Denny Hastert, OK? Do I have your attention?) . You are not alone in this fight to have REAL government for the people and by the people. AND if you do not GET that I guess I’ll just have to keep YELLING and SCREAMING about the Elite Power structure The Oligarch Masters and the despicable political class that cares only about the donors. Do you see any of that as fiction?  If so I am sorry for you and yo do not have to bother with my posts and website fo that matter. I do not have time to mess around with anyone who is not ALL-IN for ending corruption and restoring legitimacy to our election process. AND if you do not acknowledge those two issues, you are not an effective citizen of the Unites States of America.


So THIS Meme below posted over on a righty face book page with a million, some-odd hundred thousand LIKES (I recall it as seven hundred thousand, maybe) RECEIVED Forty-Eight THOUSAND SHARES and 1.5K comments in a day or so.  Let THAT sink in OK???  And MOST of the comments I reviewed werecrap were and just snarky shit.  NO serious sustained discussion of how the fuck do we get out of this shit and HOW do we turn it around?


I wrote: OK So you got ONE DAMN GUY in who MAY make a difference. BUT IF Goldman still has the Treasury and the EPA is run by a person that will do business as usual YOU are just as screwed as I am people. THAT is the political truth. If the DOJ continues to allow OIL Companies to KILL our planet and poison and wage WAR against peaceful citizens of the United Sates by a criminal corporations that can BUY a state government OUT-FUCKIN-RIGHT, it Really Sucks for us ALL. I am just as fucked as you are when the next pipeline explodes, or the next fracking earthquake occurs. Just as a point of reference I live NINE MILES from the San Andres fault in Southern California, so every day for me is a crap shoot anyway. And do you KNOW PEOPLE THEY are fracking in the San Andres fault region. Liberal Fucking Muslim Obama (according to a lot of you people) is running riot for the oil companies and said or DID nothing about the MASSIVE election fraud in the democratic primary.



Here is some bonus research material for you.  No Jive just facts. Click it when you have 30 or 40 minutes to study the stolen Primary.  https://www.justicenewsnetwork.com/this-election-has-been-stolen-from-the-people-it-is-treason-nothing-less-see-the-evidence-here/

In FACT THEY are fracking in the Santa Barbara Channel out here and that IS on the same geological block as that fault, not just the neighborhood, the same BLOCK! It is madness that YOUR political class as well as mine is allowing to happen because THEY ARE CORRUPT! FACT people FACT!

Anyway I came here to share this but got on a hot streak with this rant here so I just let it roll. Remember this EVERYONE This is no shit. The Eagle Needs TWO DAMN WINGS to fly….


I need to give you ALL an historical perspective on the DNC because I believe you should have THESE FACTS from HISTORY on VIDEO from C-SPAN. No Jive No Shit No HYPE.  THIS is the truth. The title speaks for itself. Watch the video and read the editorial please. Bazzinga! Happy Thanksgiving!

Every American NEEDS to see this video from 2005 with Harry Belafonte

When I am talking about those REAL Americans, the Native Americans up in ND and I’m talking all the TRUE Patriots of every race color gender rich and poor alike are standing with them, consider their circumstances.  Really stop and think about it.  YOU know anything about a North Dakota Winter?


Fuck those people are committed. Those people are Patriots of the first order who are Standing Rock Solid for YOUR right to due process as granted by the constitution. They are peacefully assembling for a redress of their grievances. THAT is what the fuck is going on in Cannon Ball ND.  I know I have some of my Bern-Fam friends from LA up there right now helping to Winterize and build more shelter for the Protectors. I also KNOW what is happening there because I am on social media 14 hrs or better most days.  I have a duty to find and share Truth and Real History.  In my reporting and editorials I most always present lots of videos at least strong evidence or PROOF of my assertions. THAT is how it is done people. 

It turns out that the corrupt North Dakota government has declared WAR on honest nonviolent Americans.  Hell THOSE Heartless assholes are not only all in for inevitable poisoning the watershed region for about oh, 16 MILLION people and a majority of the American Corn Wheat and Soy farm and ranch land, oh Yea and they are doing ALL THIS strong-arming, land grabbing criminal activity without vital federal permits in place, they are breaking laws and gettin their corrupts cop minions complicit from sever or eight states so far. That Cicikets from Obama and the justice department and the FBI.    And actually it is NOT a declared war by the state, it is an undeclared war under color of LAW.  


Shit people next they really maybe finally might be COMING FOR YOUR GUNS, SO GET YOU ACT TOGETHER!arms-50cal-1a

Anyone who believes in standing up for our freedom, who THINKS they are commitment to the USA, I’ll wager you will be humbled after watching the videos in this. I double Dog Liberal Pinko Socialist DARE YOU TO STUDY this information . IF you DO, then You’ll just have to quit your fucking bitching about god damn LIBERAL CANDY ASS PANSY PUSSIES like I see all over your righty page posts.  THAT gets us nowhere and THAT is exactly what THEY Want.  FACT FOLKS! 2nonvilonce1-500

We are Progressives and fundamental to that is GOD DAMN American Progress. Get It? So TAKE 45 seconds, you have that to spare don’t you? Click on the link and WATCH the featured video THEN watch the other videos inside, Will Ya Please? Oh and don’t forget the DONATE to standing Rock link inside. They REALLY need ALL our support NOW! Thank You. 




More TRUTH… If the TRUTH is hidden people YOU cannot really decide what is in your interest now can you?   https://www.justicenewsnetwork.com/truth-in-media-that-is-the-problem-we-have-so-little-now/

So I really wonder how many of these people are looking, like so many of the Progressive folks I know are, for real actions that will lead to the improvement of life in general and not just THEIR  life.  It will take us ALL to sweep the darkness and Political Evil from America.  Larry Alger, Publisher Justice News Network