This is not Stronger Together this is just strong-arming by the Clinton Cabal and the DNC

Mike Reports:  We are being increasingly attacked and provoked. Our whip was just forcibly removed, and we mounted a protest loud enough to get the whole audience’s attention – California Berners don’t mess around! They released her, but the tension is palpable. People, we can no longer pretend not to notice!





  1. This, is why people go crazy and shoot as many pedestrians as they can in some random parking lot in No-where-ville. It’s like that cell phone video I released recently of a big FBI-Matrix-Agent-bully-looking dude with slick greasy hair like the young John Travolta, or Cenk from TYT; trying his best to not been on film, while attempting to grab an elderly, grey haired female’s Bernie sign and ripping it up in the process, at the New Hampshire “Bernie endorses Hillary” event.

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