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Tuesday, July 14, 2020


Business provides the goods and services we all depend on for our lives, but it also provides the money and influence that keeps our governance rigged in the favor of that money and influence.

Celebrity Baby Names

Lula Rose Gardner Parents: Liv Tyler and Dave Gardner Name Explained: No reason has been given from the new parents, but it's believed that Lula means...

DNC Election Fraud Voter Fraud NOW Convention Fraud 7-27-16 Larry Alger

You MUST see this video You MUST Share this Video You MUST!

GUCCIFER 2.0 HACKED DCCC; A ton of passwords and documents!

  August 13, 2016 Ladies and Gentlemen, NOTHING is safe. and for many reasons, that is a good thing. From his own website: Hi all! It’s time for new...

Pilgrim Energy in So Cal Eyes Opportunities For New Nikola Motors Sustainable Hydrogen power...

Excerpt: Earlier this year, Nikola Motors (which was named after physicist Nikola Tesla) unveiled its new electric truck. The ‘Nikola One’ is equipped with...

Videos and EJUSA PDF file PROVE Election fraud and WE WANT JUSTICE

August 1, 2016   Lee Camp, American Patriot and "in your face" reporter for Redacted Tonight, showed a lot of things in this amazingly YUUUUGE document <---Click...

Seriously Facebook?!?!?!

As a non-profit, we do our best to manage our time properly because time in general for most people is a treasured resource and...

Bernie Sanders vs. Ted Cruz, in Brief

Tonight, live on CNN, Senators Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz debated the future of the ACA, otherwise, known as ObamaCare. Senator Sanders: The United States...

In LA Josh Fox Explains Bernie and the Political Revolution!

Josh for taking a moment for me and everyone else.  Thank You! In LA shooting the Bernie Bash at the Coliseum I ran across Josh...

Wikileaks Julian Assange Interview on Meet the Press; with Chuck Todd

August 4, 2016 Follow us at @gojnnnews I do not like Chuck Todd for trying to push this Hillary instigated: Foreign Government FOREIGN GOVERMENT FOREIGN GOVERMENT FOREIGN GOVERMENT FOREIGN GOVERMENT FOREIGN GOVERMENT FOREIGN...

#BeforeTheFlood MUST SEE Leo C Masterwork Spellbinding Get On Board!

Editorial Note: In the last week I have been educated about Climate Change by two documentary film works from two different producers with very...

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