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Monday, October 19, 2020


Every day more of our lives slide into Internet Influence as the so called smart phone user base expands. As the user base expands so do the predators looking to take advantage of anyone they can for any scam they come up with. Keep your eyes open people. Do NOT become easy prey.

GOJNN.com Twitter Acct accessed and defaced Publisher says It Happens Doesn’t it?

Damn, Ya trust someone and they just screw you over for spite. I did not see it coming.  I thought I could trust that guy...

GUCCIFER 2.0 HACKED DCCC; A ton of passwords and documents!

  August 13, 2016 Ladies and Gentlemen, NOTHING is safe. and for many reasons, that is a good thing. From his own website: Hi all! It’s time for new...

A Wikileaks Julian Assange Information Collection

August 12, 2016 I just felt the need to offer some of the better videos and information on Wikileaks because I find them to be...

Windows 10: The legal “theft” you agreed to in their Service Agreement

August 8, 2016   Nobody reads Service Agreements (SA). Since Microsoft knows that 99.99999% of the population will in fact, not read the SA, they pulled...

Julian Assange special: Does Wikileaks have the right stuff?!

August 6, 2016     The coming release from Wikileaks will contain a lot of information about the Clinton Foundation. Julian Assange believes that what is already out...

Wikileaks Julian Assange Interview on Meet the Press; with Chuck Todd

August 4, 2016 Follow us at @gojnnnews I do not like Chuck Todd for trying to push this Hillary instigated: Foreign Government FOREIGN GOVERMENT FOREIGN GOVERMENT FOREIGN GOVERMENT FOREIGN GOVERMENT FOREIGN GOVERMENT FOREIGN...


August 3, 2016 Follow us at @gojnnnews Wow! A very busy day today. As my 5th very important and final article for the day I hope,...

Wikileaks latest release causes major breakdown, Julian Assange speaks again [fresh video]

August 3, 2016 Follow us at @gojnnnews Wikileaks is a gigantic hacking corporation that seeks to end corruption. Even if they have a political preference, they...

WorldWide Scam on Facebook! Woman Cleaned Out Will YOU be Next?

#DigitalAIDS  Digital AIDS is FOR REAL! Follow us at @gojnnnews What YOU need to KNOW about the digital plague sweeping Social Media! READ ALL OF...

World Cyber War: The first of its kind.

August 1, 2016   Remember that movie war games? Cyber wars, civil wars, real big wars, all happening simultaneously. The Justice Department’s top national security official...

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