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Tuesday, June 25, 2019


Business provides the goods and services we all depend on for our lives, but it also provides the money and influence that keeps our governance rigged in the favor of that money and influence.

San Diego ROV Bullies Ballot Observers

July 3 2016 From Election Justice on FB: The ballot processors are wearing gloves because they're white-out-ing Presidential votes on ballots. Maggie O'Neill - "Video of...

Facebook blocks then requires users to download THEIR programs By Larry Alger

Could Facebook REALLY be censoring members and planting computer programs on our systems? So WHAT IF Facebook IS REALY censoring people who are aggressively telling...

Call Our Beef Box In DC and tell IT 202-618-5100

OK so YOU have a lot to say.  Think you can get it out in under three minutes? Looking to tell the WORLD how you...

What is a Financial Trading Platform?

What is a 'Trading Platform' A trading platform is a software through which investors and traders can open, close and manage market positions. Trading platforms...

Celebrity Baby Names

Lula Rose Gardner Parents: Liv Tyler and Dave Gardner Name Explained: No reason has been given from the new parents, but it's believed that Lula means...

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