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Monday, December 9, 2019


Business provides the goods and services we all depend on for our lives, but it also provides the money and influence that keeps our governance rigged in the favor of that money and influence.

DJ Trump paid in May 2016 by the DNC I knew it all along...

From Progressive Party News: The DNC is going to be having a hard time explaining this one, how did Donald J. Trump and his son,...

#EndTheTreason Cliff Arnebeck in DETAIL READ THIS Or you are part of...

Follow us at @gojnnnews Cliff is a true American Hero a Patriot and has worked since the 1990s  fighting to make YOUR vote meaningful and...

Waging War on the High Plains RIGHT NOW 10-22-16

The reasons for this kind of action being taken against the Women Children and Men of the Standing Rock community in North Dakota are...

Kammi What were you thinking when you Nuked San Onofre?

Kammi>>>>  Shame Shame Shame On You 3-31-16 Kammi Folded out but did she break the law not serving the warrants? 5-17-17  This is a friend of GoJnn.com,...

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