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Thursday, August 6, 2020

WikiLeaks: Seth Conrad Rich may have been the “leak”; Politicians want Julian assassinated

August 10, 2016 A reporter on Dutch television program Nieuwsuur attempts to suggest that Seth Rich was the source for the Wikileaks-exposed DNC emails and was murdered. ...

Full Report: Judicial Watch is currently seeking permission for the deposition of Clinton

August 12, 2016 In granting Judicial Watch discovery, the US. District Court ruled that Judicial Watch may seek permission for Clinton’s testimony, if necessary. Judicial Watch...

Video – The DETAILS of the San Diego Vote Count Scandal!!

HERE is what WENT ON in San Diego Watch and Share PLEASE!!

Change.org Best Official Petition ever: Concede Nomination to Sanders

29. July 2016     Sign the Petition! CHANGE.ORG     Can you help hold Hillary accountable? The goal is the path; The path is this kind of activism. Here is a...

Update 10-20-16 This Election has been STOLEN It is TREASON See the evidence here!...

10-20-16 The Denial of Election Theft here in the USA has world wide implications. People around the world look at our PROCESS and say, Oh...

[IMPORTANT VIDEO] Bernie is POISED and Ready; Clinton’s may not be above the law!

August 11, 2016 I will not enjoy being a person that said I TOLD YOU SO! In this case, however, I will be enjoying saying...

Video message to Bernie Backers from a guy who KNOWS what he is talking...

Listen up to Louis here!  And of course share this to everyone on your list of friends.

Shame on you Bernie- Grandma The VOICE of our Revolution in Philly 7-26-16

THIS is the truth people.  Is it OK for people we elect to Cheat and Lie? Hell NO it isn't and Bernie broke a lot...

Class Action Lawsuit Against Debbie Wasserman Schultz – DNC Progress!

The suit against DWS and the DNC by Jared and Elisabeth Beck is progressing and was not dismissed because of the death of Shawn...

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