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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

DNC Election Fraud Voter Fraud NOW Convention Fraud 7-27-16 Larry Alger

You MUST see this video You MUST Share this Video You MUST!

The Latest from Cliff Arnebeck in Ohio Better Read this one Folks

This is a view from inside the belly of the beast, Political Corruption Incorporated. The corruption covers both side of the political riverbank and...

Hillary Clinton is having difficulties keeping protesters out [VIDEOS]

August 4, 2016   The following 2 videos were released yesterday and today. Hillary seems to have some problems at her conventions. Recently I posted a video showing...


ANGUISH ONCE AGAIN!! Once again we are not sure whether this was Julian or the "switch"! I truly hope the people behind the curtain understand...

Dan Rolle Congressional Candidate History Lesson Video Corruption in Nevada

https://youtu.be/JhM7qtmGVUs Dan Rolle who is running for Congress in Nevada.  He states he was threatened he should NOT run by Harry Ried's people, AND So...

You KNOW the government screws US when our votes are counted RIGHT?

Please watch the featured video above of Bob Fitrakis Click the PLAY Arrow>>> 3-1-19   American Self Determination is is the toilet people. When some half...

Shame on you Bernie- Grandma The VOICE of our Revolution in Philly 7-26-16

THIS is the truth people.  Is it OK for people we elect to Cheat and Lie? Hell NO it isn't and Bernie broke a lot...

More Treason in the elections this time in the Maryland US Senate Race!

The Green Party candidate for Maryland's open Senate seat took the stage at a televised debate on Wednesday and demanded to be included as...

California Sanders Delegate Mike Wilson from Philly 7-27-16

This is not Stronger Together this is just strong-arming by the Clinton Cabal and the DNC Mike Reports:  We are being increasingly attacked and provoked....

Justice For Seth Rich Or Else we will BURN it DOWN!

Find and Convict the Seth Rich Killers (If they are not DEAD already)   Yes We MUST.  Enough is Enough we can not ALLOW the...

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