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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Clinton Cabal – Treason Fraud Vote Theft Bribery Murder – but mostly Treason!

 The way I see it Sanders Delegates went to Phlly to prevent the overthrow of the government of our country and confront the Treason...

CADEM May 2017 Party Chair Election STOLEN! Don’t let it happen to YOUR State!

The sad reality for MY California Assembly District elections in January was that out of 125 THOUSAND eligible Dems 358 people showed up and...

GoHarrison With Michelle Manos, Jeremy White, Eden McFadden Prevent TRUTH Decay 8-12

Thank you Cary for sharing your wealth, of experience that is, with all your GoJNN.com fans! Today Cary has Michelle Manos, Jeremy White of...

Hey Crooked Hillary and Corrupt DNC YOU Are KILLING the Party ...

Keep it up and there will be no one left to Lie Cheat or Steal from in the Democratic Party.  I left yesterday after...


ANGUISH ONCE AGAIN!! Once again we are not sure whether this was Julian or the "switch"! I truly hope the people behind the curtain understand...

Updated North Dakota Corruption And Clinton Treason upon the Land!

Corruption will be the DEATH of us IF we do not stand up tp it NOW people. Corruption is the heart of the...

Donating to Clinton Foundation Did Companies & Countries Buy State Dept. Access

From DemocarcyNow.org  Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter James Grimaldi of The Wall Street Journal, who has covered the Clinton Foundation for years, looks at the relationship between...

The DETAILS of the San Diego Vote Count Scandal!!

HERE is what WENT ON in San Diego Watch and Share PLEASE!!

Debbie does DNC, but forced to resign for doing dirty work [4 videos]

I hope this article gives you insight on how the Main stream/street Media works. They don't report anything they are told not to, until...

Full Report: Judicial Watch is currently seeking permission for the deposition of Clinton

August 12, 2016 In granting Judicial Watch discovery, the US. District Court ruled that Judicial Watch may seek permission for Clinton’s testimony, if necessary. Judicial Watch...

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