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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Dave Strider in Washington is Mad As Hell and aren’t you right there with...

Dave Strider is running for US Senate in Washington state because he can not take the LIES Greed & Corruption in either the Republican...

Showers of Hope in Hollywood Wilton & Sunset at the Church Fridays

Wilton & Sunset at the Church 12 to 4 PM.  Please spread the word find the rotating Shower of Hope locations  THEN HELP OUT...

GoJnn Larry on KLOS radio in LA with Steve Jones keeping it REAL

GoJnn Larry on the radio with Steve Jones on KLOS in LA 5-24-18 Thanks Steve nice talking with you>>>>>>>>  

Dave Strider for US Senate Washington State Question 32

So hey Everybody!  IF you resonate with the TRUTH of the message, I do not care where you live, what your do (unless you...

Greg palast EXPLAINS a LOT about Trump DEMS and Hopeful Americans 5-17-18

The Brilliant Greg Palast captures an essence of our political reality in America NOW! Our GoJnn friends Greg Palast & Lee Camp are two of...

Archive Video reports for Occupy LA Oct 2011 by JNN Publisher Larry Alger

These videos were the first reports our Publisher Larry Alger every made. It is very difficult to believe that almost 7 years later the...

Well Face-Poop Poops on US at JNN again! 4-28-18

The following is a series of screen shots I took while attempting to post a JNN report using the Facebook Share on our Site...

They Did it THEY went and built SkyNet Must See Video

So it looks like the US Government Via DARPA - Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is building SkyNet.  Except is it NOT the nuclear Armageddon...

CADEM May 2017 Party Chair Election STOLEN! Don’t let it happen to YOUR State!

The sad reality for MY California Assembly District elections in January was that out of 125 THOUSAND eligible Dems 358 people showed up and...

The Deep State Is Struggling For Survival by Rainer Shea

Another Special article to JNN by our talented young truther Rainer Shea  I am grateful that he will accept our help getting his words out there....

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