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Monday, July 6, 2020


  If you believe in UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE as a right PLEASE JOIN  DUH and JNN in saying UNITED WE STAND! Click this link to add...

North Dakota’s DIRTY Oil Drilling Radioactive Poison hidden secret see video from 2014

DID you know? The waste from oil and gas wells include uranium, thorium, radium, a radioactive isotope of potassium, as well as isotopes of lead...

John Bolenbaugh is fighting for ALL of us folks. Get to know him please!

John has been confronting oil companies for 6 years now. He goes into the field to document what happens after an incident, pipeline accident,...

Update John Podesta Hacked! Anonymous- leaks lead to this mess of Spirit Cooking

 UPDATE 11-15-16 Many other videos besides these here have appeared on youtube about the information in the Pedophile and Satanic aspects of the Podesta hack...

#BeforeTheFlood MUST SEE Leo C Masterwork Spellbinding Get On Board!

Editorial Note: In the last week I have been educated about Climate Change by two documentary film works from two different producers with very...

#NODAPL It already happened LAST YEAR!! Oil Spill in North Dakota!

Is it little wonder the Water Protectors from Standing Rock as such a determined group? From Oct 19 2015  EXCERPT: A North Dakota oil well...

Seriously Facebook?!?!?!

As a non-profit, we do our best to manage our time properly because time in general for most people is a treasured resource and...

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