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Sunday, July 3, 2022

John Bolenbaugh is fighting for ALL of us folks. Get to know him please!

John has been confronting oil companies for 6 years now. He goes into the field to document what happens after an incident, pipeline accident,...

Update John Podesta Hacked! Anonymous- leaks lead to this mess of Spirit Cooking

 UPDATE 11-15-16 Many other videos besides these here have appeared on youtube about the information in the Pedophile and Satanic aspects of the Podesta hack...

#BeforeTheFlood MUST SEE Leo C Masterwork Spellbinding Get On Board!

Editorial Note: In the last week I have been educated about Climate Change by two documentary film works from two different producers with very...

#NODAPL It already happened LAST YEAR!! Oil Spill in North Dakota!

Is it little wonder the Water Protectors from Standing Rock as such a determined group? From Oct 19 2015  EXCERPT: A North Dakota oil well...

Seriously Facebook?!?!?!

As a non-profit, we do our best to manage our time properly because time in general for most people is a treasured resource and...