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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

I May Owe Bernie an Apology I Sure Hope So By Larry Alger...

Yesterday was a low point in my political life (as it was for so many others as well) as Bernie apparently stood up and...

Shame on you Bernie- Grandma The VOICE of our Revolution in Philly 7-26-16

THIS is the truth people.  Is it OK for people we elect to Cheat and Lie? Hell NO it isn't and Bernie broke a lot...

Video – The DETAILS of the San Diego Vote Count Scandal!!

HERE is what WENT ON in San Diego Watch and Share PLEASE!!

OMG Big Brother IS Watching US And He Is Facebook By Larry Alger 7-20-16

…And is facebook maybe even passing Digital AIDS on to people he doesn’t like? Damn it, (with a nod to Aaron Sorkin) I had NO...

Call Our Beef Box In DC and tell IT 202-618-5100

OK so YOU have a lot to say.  Think you can get it out in under three minutes? Looking to tell the WORLD how you...

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