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Wednesday, May 27, 2020


Politics defined at the lowest common level is this: The Process of Human Decision Making So ultimately every thing is political folks. Just as ALL Politics is Local!


Kammi What were you thinking when you Nuked San Onofre?

Kammi>>>>  Shame Shame Shame On You 3-31-16 Kammi Folded out but did she break the law not serving the warrants? 5-17-17  This is a friend of GoJnn.com,...

You KNOW the government screws US when our votes are counted RIGHT?

Please watch the featured video above of Bob Fitrakis Click the PLAY Arrow>>> 3-1-19   American Self Determination is is the toilet people. When some half...

Big Win for Wolf-PAC in Olympia Washington Today!

Click the Play Arrow on the video above NOW if you didn't watch it already.  Oh Hell watch it again anyway because the news...

I am a Marine I Fight for Vets I say NO Wars for Profit...

I am Dave Strider. I am a Marine. I took the Oath to protect and defend America our Citizens, and the Constitution from ALL...

Olympia Wa Women’s March at the State Capital and Heritage Park 1-19-19

It was cold and wet but that did not keep the people away. They showed up to tell their stories and GoJnn was there...

Yellow Vest Actions 12-22-18

Thanks for trusting Justice News Network with your search for TRUTH! Here is a four minute look at the reality...

Video Report- We are living in Crazy Times The Four Pillars of Action

This video is about the four pillars of action we must all support Job One is Election Transparency! Join us at American Veterans Assemblage...

Are you a VET? Help Us NOW HONOR THE OATH!

9-22-18 Tacoma Washington Dave Strider, the Independent candidate for US Senate in Washington State this year, announced his intent to build coalition with ALL other...

Patriots meet in Hollywood FL to talk about Stolen Elections

Tim Canova in the Featured Video! There are real patriots working all over America to expose the Treason of our stolen elections at every level...

The Big Lie has gotten even BIGGER online!

Beating the Big Lie- It is all about recognizing the TRUTH Folks! A report on Online Reality and Co-opting from our friends at Philly.fyi on...

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