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Saturday, July 20, 2019


Politics defined at the lowest common level is this: The Process of Human Decision Making So ultimately every thing is political folks. Just as ALL Politics is Local!

California Progressive GOP Outreach Message 1 11-24-16

Honest trolling and the search for constructive exchange. To our GOP Friends: Ya Know this is ALL too Serious people to screw around with this rinky-dinky...

Facebook Instead of Blocking Our Efforts Support the Hyperemesis Gravidarum Movement

Thank you, Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg for blocking the Ayden Rae Foundation's Founder and CEO, Vanessa Pack from posting in any groups. We are...

BREAKING NEWS: DNC Lawsuit Process Server Shawn Lucas Has Died [VIDEO]

August 4, 2016 Follow us at @gojnnnews JUST NOW Shawn Lucas turned up dead 1 hour ago! Beverly Campell's death ~Feb. 2016 Berta Caceres's death ~March 3rd, 2016 John...

Jonathan Pie from Britain is our newest Hero of Truth!

This guy is 100% Spot On! Wake Up People!     11-13-16

Like the Plague, White Supremacy Must Be Scourged from the Land!

There is a plague that infests this land. It is a disease that has lodged itself deep into the core of the American ethos....

HRC ground game in Ohio? Not looking good. Where is the love?

I can believe it. If you don't, just watch the video in this piece below! Click on the picture to access the video: http://endingthefed.com/hillary-clinton-has-volunteer-event-in-ohio-not-a-single-person-shows-up.html RELATED: Sept 19 -16 ...

Lee Camp VIDEO on Election Recount Ripping Off the Homeless in Denver and Shit...

Watch and Share Lee's videos because Facebook is blocking him lately...  That Sucks because Lee is #RealNews 12-18-16  

Big Win for Wolf-PAC in Olympia Washington Today!

Click the Play Arrow on the video above NOW if you didn't watch it already.  Oh Hell watch it again anyway because the news...

Bernie Sanders in Glendale CA Nov 29 2016 Full Video

Bernie I miss you.... Here is the full video cut without the long wait for things to get rolling. 12-17-16

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