Citizens Oversight court ruling: Fraud proven, but still a NO


August 4, 2016JNN_Banner_moneyFinal

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VIDEO: WATCH the press conference when Ray Lutz, founder of Citizens Oversight Projects (COPs) announces the ruling in the anti-election fraud lawsuit in San Diego County. He explains a lot about what was done improperly and how things should be done. Very informative! Thanks Trisha Lee for your own words there and for bringing this to my attention.

It seems like there was a Judge on this case that said the proof has been provided but they will not de-certify and recount. Proven, but NO. That Judge broke the law. He agreed the Defendants were in violation of the statute by not including all NPP and vote-by-mail ballots in their audit. The Judge stated it would take too much time to “stop them”. Other countries, including Austria, make a re-vote at the first sign of election fraud. Austria’s re-vote was this year.

All I can think, is that Hillary must have some higher-than-God mission as the most powerful woman in the world for them to block the entire United States from a fair election and skate on it. From FBI criminal investigations, RICO lawsuits, leaked communication showing definite proof of corruption and collusion, to Judges stopping lawsuits that have proof, yet decide against doing the right thing. This is happening on all fronts successfully to ensure she becomes President. The organization behind this is absolutely incredible.

I can’t even imagine how many hands have blood on them this year. What drives all of these middle men and women across the country to literally do everything they can to get her elected?



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