The suit against DWS and the DNC by Jared and Elisabeth Beck is progressing and was not dismissed because of the death of Shawn Lucas! From

EXCERPT: “The Court notes that dismissal is not appropriate at this stage of the proceedings. Accordingly, the Court construes Defendants’ Motion to Quash Service Of Process,” ruled the court on August 9. The defense—the DNC lawyers—replied in support of quashing the service of process. If they’re successful, the summons would have to be reissued, therefore prolonging the suit. Included in the defense team for the DNC is attorney Marc Elias, who was included in DNC emails released by Wikileaks in July. There, Elias was shown providing advice to DNC staff on how to cover up the money laundering scheme of the Hillary Victory Fund, a joint fundraising committee between the DNC and the Clinton campaign. Elias also serves as the general counsel for the Clinton campaign.





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