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I’m Larry Alger, Publisher of JNN.  I want to invite YOU to come visit our website at
Let me assure you that the Justice News Network is being developed to further the Political Revolution with integrity and security. Let me also share with you that this site is only two weeks old tonight and has almost 100 subscribers so far and, is getting more tragic than we ever imagined for the launch period. Thanks to folks like you our stories are getting from 2K to 24K visits a day.

Mission Statement:
Our goal is to spread the truth to everyone, cater to the Bernie-Crat movement as well as ALL reasonable people of any political persuasion that know America can not go on working the way it has over the last 40 years.  If you KNOW we need to confront the systemic corruption in politics and the way business is done, then welcome to you and your understanding that we must work together move the revitalization of the American political process forward.    Some of the vision for this Safe Cyber-Space is to become a high quality destination for those that embrace the concept of Enough is Enough, especially after what the DNC put Bernie, his  supporters and delegates through.


Our plan is to offer secure space for groups of supporters to network with your Friends In Solidarity and acquaintances from anywhere in the world in our chat-rooms.  They ARE scale-able and can be made private when groups have the need to come together to plan events develop strategies and meet confidentially.

Do you TRUST Facebook?  You won’t after you read this!

We are looking for subscribers and specifically those among them, who are dedicated to the proposition of really making America better than ever before and keeping our Democracy legitimate. If you care to contribute to the JNN content there are different levels of subscription available for that as well.  At present please just call or send me an email with your ideas about how you’d like to fit in around here. We will be soliciting donations of support soon because we can not fulfill our vision by my MasterCard ALONE.

As we can, we will plugin features such as global forums and areas of interest that our fellow Bernie-Crats and any others that are seeking to work for the change that was promised but never delivered, demand of us.

If this interests you please come back and read the news we work hard to provide for everyone. Please network with folks here (if they are available) or bring your network of like minded individuals here for a safe space for planning and implementing the continuing Political Revolution.

In case you have not seen it here is a link to the About Us page on JNN.  Thank You.

About JNN – The Justice News Network

In Solidarity

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