Clinton V Trump – Treason and Murder vs Ass-Clown Who IS the most Dangerous?


Trump OMG Trump!

How on EARTH could Trump BE a better pick than Clinton? How can I even pose the question???

WHY??? I’ll tell you ALL WHY.  It is NOT about the SCOUS, or Trump with the button. It is NOT about Trump the bigot. But it IS about Trump the performer, and because the Clinton Cabal has committed TREASON this cycle and the #DNCKillers ARE KILLING PEOPLE TO TIE UP LOSE ENDS RIGHT NOW, BEFORE OUR VERY EYES.


#EndTheTreason stretches across the entire nation and back, from stealing the coin flips in Iowa, to Bills BLOCKING the most populous poling stations in Boston where it was a razor thing margin for hours on election day, to Purging 127,000 VOTERS FROM THE ROLLS IN BROOKLYN, to closing up to 70% if the poling stations in Heavy Bernie sections in Arizona making people wait for 5 to 6 hours standing in line to VOTE (or not vote as the case may be) to ADJUSTING the hand count totals to MATCH THE FIXED AND RIGGED machine totals in front of the public observers and saying SCREW YOU to them at the public hearings in Illinois ….. to having people come to vote in Echo Park CA (Los Angeles) at 7AM and the voting machines did not work THEN return to vote at 10 AM and the “Broken” machines STILL DID NOT WORK, and the voter roll sheets were misplaced under a box (Google the cell phone video) TO the video I TOOK IN SAN DIEGO OF BERNIE SANDERS VOTES WHITED OUT BEFORE THEY WENT THROUGH THE TABULATION MACHINES.. All that shit is treason and ALL THE PEOPLE complicit in it should be JAILED or some given a firing squad for their just rewards… And TRUMP is just an ass-clown reality TV star playing the roll of a lifetime…. Get the Criminal-Steal the Election- Steal-the-Presidency picture people? WE have been PLAYED hard and fast and the game is TREASON. So you THINK TREASON deserves to be PRESIDENT? Do Ya??? IF YOU DO YOU ARE WORTHLESS, that is correct YOU ARE WORTHLESS if you refuse to see the truth right in front of you.. HERE look at these short videos I SHOT and KNOW are 100% Legit… 1 White Out Featured above….


THEY admit THEY did it!!! Charlie 30 sec

Are YOU worthless??? You are unless you GET YOUR ANGER UP AND FIGHT BACK !!! DO NOT JUST OVER BEND OVER AND LET HILLARY ET AL DO US WRONG PEOPLE. GREEN IS THE ONLY option to mess them up in NOV! Every Berner needs to watch and listen to this and you will KNOW what to do!!!