Come On Lee Camp PLEASE interview Kenneth Mejia for Congress in LA April 4 Special Election, NOW!


FIRST of all click the arrow in the image above to watch this one minute Featured Video! BECAUSE  We at Justice News Network are impressed with and 100% endorse 26 year old Kenneth Mejia challenging the Corrupt two party system in the CD34 representing Down Town Los Angeles. He is passionate, empathetic, articulate and wicked smart as his academic history shows. #LEECAMP HELP Kenneth get the stretch run exposure and volunteer help among YOUR Audience he needs to WIN the FIRST seat in Congress as a Green party member. AND if you are NOT Lee Camp, no matter WHERE you live, watch the videos, share this report, visit Kenneth’s website and donate $5 or $500 whatever you can afford to make the HISTORY of electing the first Green party member to congress.  Help us say FUCK YOU to the Dems and the GOP TOO! PLEASE:

1  Watch these videos herein I shot of Kenneth and the others I have posted shot by others to understand how important this WIN will be.

2.  Research this young man’s positions and ambitions to represent and support his constituents to be.  Click on this link…..

3 LEE… Do WHATEVER you can to get him the exposure, the donations and volunteers he needs to buy advertising, do district events and phone bank for him to WIN.  I KNOW you are always reluctant to endorse ANY FUCKING THING, as you told me at the Improve in LA when I asked you for a 15 second stand up for my website remember?  Yes and I noticed you even made an effort to remove the label from your BEER however feeble it was.

So just give it up Lee and get behind Kenny NOW will ya? If you don’t you are missing a once in a lifetime opportunity to say FUCK YOU ASSHOLES that have stolen our elections over the last 40 years. Won’t THAT be fun? And pass this on to Chris Hedges, Ed Shultz Thom Hartman and the whole crew at RT Will Ya PLEASE????

Donate Volunteer Phone bank for Kenneth #GreenEnterNOW