Cops In Mandan ND abuse their office on Video. First in a restaurant no less!


I found this in a post on Facebook.  No wonder in North Dakota it seems is so easy to buy influence and the LAW as well!


Liz George: I am shaking as I post this. We were eating dinner and on our way out of Mandan when two police officers, the sheriff and one other called us over to talk. We tried to have a polite conversation with them listening to their side and when they didn’t like what we were saying they ordered us to leave the restaurant saying that we had two minutes to leave before we would be arrested. PLEASE WATCH THIS. these are intimidation tactics.

Kana‘s update to what happened tonight:
Just so everyone knows, this is what happened previous to this video because we only pulled out a phone when things escalated.
Liz was wearing her WATER IS LIFE badge on her back, clearly visible to everyone. After dinner on our way out the police called us over to talk to us. His first question was ‘how long are you going to be here for?’ to which we replied ‘as long as the pipeline is proceeding’. He immediately replied with ‘well that’s just not going to happen.’ We asked why he thought that, we were genuinely curious to the police perspective and want to bridge the gap between the two sides. Today’s action was brought up as well as last night’s conflict. Things got heated and we asked them to hold space for us to speak, as the conversation was basically his voice speaking over ours. We tried to tell him our perspective but he wasn’t open to listen and ordered us to leave as soon as the conversation wasn’t going his way, threatening to arrest us both for disorderly conduct.

Another encounter with Cops in Mandan with Liz and Kana Part 1 3min

part 2 11 Min





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