Yes Everyone IF you do not know the work of George Webb and Jason Goodman the set up is this.  They are MAKING History. They Will CHANGE History with their ground breaking investigation into the Corruption of the American Government. EVERYONE OF US OWES THEM A DEBT OF GRATITUDE FOR CROWD SOURCING THE TRUTH! They use Youtube video to show the world the process every step of the way.  And along the way other people came to them to assist with information leading to so much TRUTH that the corporate owned media has been shown for what they have become, the PR arm of the Oligarchs who have stolen our elections, strangled our economy for their advantage and Hi-Jacked our governance.

Sorry but it AIN’T ENOUGH for me, JUST the ACT of voting in an Election!

For George it was not about “The Election” it really began as what the HELL happened to Eric Braverman the CEO of the Clinton Foundation!

Braverman, who went missing after the death of John Ashe in New York under unbelievable circumstances that pointed to another increase in the legendary Clinton Body Count!  What was the TRUTH?

After 222 days of investigation, encountering more rabbit holes and vipers nests one could ever imagine, in looking for Braverman, people are really flocking to HELP expose the TRUTH of just how fucked the US taxpayers and voting population have been.  And How Blatant, Corrupt and Arrogant those who have tilted the balance of power in their favor really are.  As George’s work has shown, step by step, it is incredible.  The call George received in the featured video is a man from California named John coming forward to share WHAT HE KNOWS IS THE TRUTH OF THE STOLEN ELECTION in this unique live stream media application! This is TRULY Crowd Sourcing the Truth!

Here is a REAL candid discussion of the TRUTH of the 2016 Primary Elections YOU need to see and the PR arm of the Corporate media will NEVER allow you to see.  We Shot It  You Are Welcome!

DM to George… Dude YOUR TRUTH seems to be that you are a focused patriot, a brilliant operative and visionary.  But REALLY?  Let the Traitors go their way to live out their lives without accountability for their treasons?  Lemme throw this out to you.  You appear to be OK with a comfortable existence of choice.  ME and my friends worked our asses off and offered up EVERY NICKEL WE COULD SCRAPE TOGETHER to fight the establishment who sets it up to keep us in chains and with little to NO choice in our lives.  Do you reality UNDERSTAND WHAT IS IS LIKE to face life HERE IN AMERICA after working and playing by the rules for FIFTY FUCKIN YEARS and face that theft? Living without ANY pursuit of happiness day in and day out?  Living a hardscrabble existence without prospects of personal property? And THEN the TREASON???   I DO!

 I am a Third generation Los Angeleno, USAF Vet from the Viet Nam War days, who was decimated by the great Bundled Mortgage-Backed securities FRAUD collapse and theft of 2007 2008. I lost my business, lost my house and would have succumbed to the cancer they first discovered in 2010 and then the subsequent Leukemia discovered in 2014 it it were NOT for the VA. Then came Bernie and the Hope.  Just imagine getting up from your bed after chemo sessions to go to the local Community College to man a voter registration table to FIGHT for Bernie.  AND the Clinton Cabal/DNC STOLE THAT FROM ME? And you say let it go?  Really?  Sorry George, BUT I will NEVER be able to let it go and IF I had to opportunity to meter out hand to hand justice to any of those players I would and go happily to my grave for it.  Get the Picture?  Think about THAT before you EVER say Casablanca so cutesy again will ya PLEASE?  Thanks for all your work George, Jason, HA,  TimB, Caity J,   and all the other FIGHTERS out there!  Larry…

My Story in a minute 14