Damn it Looks like WAR to me… War against the Greedy people KILLING THE PLANET


ED-JNN Larry Alger Publisher….. So I was engaging in the battle of the What Ifs today when I came across this question and I replied with MOST of the answer I finally have here.  Well maybe 70 odd Percent of it anyway.  I must have written and added to this response 30 times or more over the last 3 hours and HERE it is below. I ask, Will THEY be STUPID enough to declare WAR on you and me and at least 95% of the planets population in their addiction to greed and power?  They HAVE TO LOSE.  The Planet IS at stake here Right?  Just for some context: Bernie on THE Greed:

The Question was
My opinion is that DEMOCRATS lost the election because the Bernie & Hillary factions remained far apart even after Hillary won the nomination. I was guilty of that myself. Republicans all supported Trump. Lesson learned, Democrats?

My Answer…
Are you KIDDING Susan Williams??? I assert Democrats, like Republicans, are headed for the scrap heap of history, or better be if WE, the 99% are to survive. FACT Bernie is not President Elect because The Clinton Cabal including the DNC, STOLE the primary USING so many means in so many places aided and abetted by so many small minded traitors to our country and Constitution.

ALL these traitors that whited out votes, that switched people’s party registration, or just wiped them from the rolls like in Brooklyn and so may other places around the nation were IDIOTS to think that would go undetected.  I do not care WHO the FUCK you are you can NOT successfully refute MY COLLECTION OF FACTS in the link above because THIS is our Political Reality people:

All those who worked AGAINST their own interests in favor of STEALING THE NOMINATION FOR CLINTON, were driven by their STUPID self-interested short-term GREED.  FACT… the Republicans have been stealing presidential elections since Nixon made a deal with South Viet Nam to extend the war for 4 years if they did NOT sign LBJ’s peace treaty in 1968 (TREASON people, TREASON). THAT handed the election to RMN, while at the same time the Dems STOLE the nomination from Clean Gene and handed it to Hubert in a monumentally STUPID move (Sound Familiar?).  Another damned Historical Fact…. Republicans are much better at stealing elections and thus STOLE IT FROM the stupid God Damn Democrats who ran Clinton. Ask Al Gore, remember him?


The DNC should have, could have run Bernie, and thus THEY let the REAL CHANGE the world requires go down the fucking toilet. The Greed is propagated by the Oligarchs who are SO wealthy and powerful they literally BUY the governance of our country as well as MOST of those other countries around the world. AND these same forces of wealth and greed KEEP the mass populations divided up by class, religion, political differences, oh and skin color. That is just to name a few of our artificial divides that have been put upon humans by this same Oligarch Cabal for HUNDREDS if not a few thousands of years. HEY THEY HAVE PLANED it that way. This is vital to their interests so we will NOT rise up and slaughter them. It is VITAL for them that WE stay divided and work against ourselves. But THIS time it’s different.  This time it’s Self Defense because the survival of Human species is at stake.clshareholdervalue1

And it is a FACT that slaughtering the purveyors of this division WILL BE the BEST move for OUR collective common self interests and the welfare of the planet. WE have to come together as PEOPLE not Democrats or Republicans or Americans OR Russians or Chinese or white people or Asians or Hispanics of people of color. WE must come together world wide as People who are GREEN advocates, party members, what-the-fucking-ever it turns into to save the only planet we got.  Yes I’m not kidding, joking or being a tin-foil hat dude here: clsaveearth2

We MUST come together under the banner of sustainability.

WE must do WHATEVER IT TAKES  to wrest control from the EVIL FUCKS that are sending our planet into oblivion fueled by their GREED. In the end IF we must SLAUGHTER THEM to save our world, so be it. The Cops and Soldiers MUST come with us and come to the conclusion, as must all the 99% people, Enough is Enough. And Cops THIS is EXACTLY what YOUR real enemies, the assholes that have given YOUR Pensions money to their criminal friends on Wall Street to gamble with, want all you Cops and Soldiers to be, Blood Thirsty Pit-Bull FUCKS who will shoot anyone down in cold blood THEY convince you is (wait for it… Wait for it another division, COPS AGAINST EVERYBODY!) not on YOUR SIDE.

WE NEED YOU ALL to stand against the fucks that are Killing YOUR kids air and STEALING you Mom and Dad’s Social Security and SURPRISE!!!  YOU are gonna have to pick up the tab for them when SSI folds.  Either that or you gotta put a bullet in THEIR brains for convenience sake. And Hey You know you can get away with it because hey, you ARE The COPS.  Just Pop Mom and Dad in the back of the head, make it look like a home invasion because you and I know how it is.  It is not WHAT REALLY happened is it?  It IS what someone can prove and all about HOW you guys write it up, Correct???  THOSE are the kind of cops, and there are a lot of them, that have to stand down and find new work or die with their sick greedy masters who treat them just like the rest of us.. LIKE SHIT…

So Cops just Cut this evil crap out Immediately! It doesn’t have to be like this!

It is simple, US or THEM, and it better be THEM if we are to TRY to maintain the balance of the systems that produce the AIR we breathe and the CLEAN water we must have to LIVE. America and the rest of the world must come together to save our collective asses and reject the operating systems that say it is OK for governments around the world to be Oil Companies with Armies. That they can elect politicians who will set it UP for these FUCKS to do this shit to people ALL over the World.  AND when they say NO we don’t want to have our air and water poisoned so YOU FUCKS can suck oil out of OUR LAND or lay your pipeline across my Farmland by STEALING IT, or through our ancestral homeland pretending that our Treaties and our people themselves do not exist, really, or I will not stand for that pipe 50 feet from my kids school.  No No NO!!!  And then they get this:

Simply put I am asserting MY right as well as OUR COLLECTIVE RIGHTS of Self Defense against the Oligarchs who will KILL the PLANET unless they stand down or we stop them. And as Chris Hedges her says ONLY OUR Unity can stop them.0_1dog1

We need to make our elections LEGIT, or ELSE.


The Or ELSE? IT WILL BE real revolution, ya know with guns bullets and high explosives like in the Ukraine. Either the Killers of our air and water must overcome their greed and addiction to POWER, and then stand down as we transition to a sustainable, renewable energy future, or they will have to die to ensure we and our kids do not succumb to LACK. The LACK of air to breath, the LACK of water to fuel our precious bodily fluids. The LACK of a sustainable shoreline around the world as the seas rise up to 24 feet from just the Ice Melt on Greenland alone.  Think about that shit.  Seal level up 24 feet in the next 5 to 10 decades or so. All around the WORLD BILLIONS of people will drown and starve and be pushed inland as islands like Manhattan and swamps like Miami and low lying cities like New Orleans GO UNDER WATER!


AND If it floods San Francisco it is projected to turn a major portion of the California Central Valley into an Inland Sea. Won’t THAT present a crap bunch of problems?  And do NOT forget about the MILLIONS of toxic sites, Chemical plants, Oil Refineries, Oh Yea AND Nuclear plants waiting to Fuck-A-Shima us over if they flood before they are shut down and disposed of.  And Last time I checked into it a  Nuke Power station takes about 20 to 30 years to “DECOMMISSION” THAT is also what is at stake in this fight for GREEN sustainability. It boggles the mind that ANYONE, anyone at all can not get on board to save their own lives and the lives of their kids and those kids kids, AND our Planet, doesn’t it?


I don’t want that war. No one I know wants that war, but the truth is people we are fighting those who are choking out the air and poisoning the planets water. We must face down those who are poisoning the water with fracking chemicals. We must defeat the ones who are killing THE Oceans and Burning the rain forests that produce the AIR we ALL, yes ALL of us breath. I ask you, is it NOT self defense to go to war to defend these things? OK? GOT IT Susan Williams? Does THAT clear it up for you??? I fucking hope so… Now get on It people, GO GREEN NOW or as Jack Nicholson said in A Few Good Men, Pick up a Weapon!!!